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Now hold up for just one second, we know EXACTLY where we are! LOST!

–Charles Polarson, in a humongous Dungeons and Dragons game


Question: Why do we talk to ourselves when we know we're alone?

Conjecture: Because we know we're not.

Welcome, Text_will_be_replace_with_username , to Anur Deimos.  I am Greenwatchandabluebox, but you can call me Greenbox. Or Ghostfreak. Don't mind the Ectoneurites, I think they're lost. Why are they green, you ask? Tell me when the wiki turns purple.

The Silence is behind you. And if you turn around to see and turn back around, you forget.

Don't Blink. And do not photograph a statue of an angel crying, because the image of an angel becomes itself an angel, and you don't want that.

Now here are some preferences of mine regarding Ben Ten:

Favorite Canon Villain: Clancy

Favorite Fanon Villain: Army of Animo

Favorite Canon Couple: Whoa. You asking ME that question, or the alien behind me? Is there even an alien behind me?

Favorite Fanon Couple: Basil and Charmcaster, which I made up for BTEU. Is that allowed? Having favorite fanon stuff that you make up yourself?

Favorite Fanon Omnitrix: Omnimatrix MIII

Favorite Canon Quote: We go back, to where it all began: at the beginning.

Alright aliens on this page right now who are reading this, let's move on to my favorite OS aliens.

Ghostfreak 1
Upgrade 2
Wildmutt 3
XLR8 4


Sincerest Apologies

Greenwatchandabluebox is sorry for any confusion resulting from his referring to everyone as an alien. From someone's perspective, you probably are!

A Template I Made

Basil-tardis-interior The Time Traveler...

Is going to {{{1}}} because {{{2}}}. Goodbye!

Credits to CaT for the image in my infobox.-->


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