Galaxy Lord

aka Rex

  • I live in Galvan Prime
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Bounty hunter who stole a new omnitrix
  • I am Male
New Rex forte'

New Rex Forte

Rex Forte

Rex Forte Sprite


My Ultimatrix, The Omegamatrixx

I was an artist looking for a site for the ben 10 fanon i make. I found this site and i enjoyed it after i found out about chatting i loved it

Galaxy Lord my Most Used Transformation


So i added my Character Rex Forte a bounty hunter who stole a new omnitrix called Omegamatrix an omnitrix that fuses DNA samples. He added the criminals he caught's DNA for transformations and on most occasions he found connections to new species from his "clients" his most common transformation is Galaxy Lord a powerful Titarian with an array of powers that rival the power of alien x and waybig combined times 3 the titarian race however is now excinct.

I've also Recently made a New Series;Omega10


Rex Forte

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