• I live in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • My occupation is being a kid, being a student, training at Camp Half-Blood to become a great demigod, king of kindergarten (but somehow they hate me), and being a sidekick of Batman
  • I am a demigod

This user loves to imitate Newbie, but differently...
*Newbie voice* Fusion no speak like Newbie... No?

This user's birthday is on the 31st of August! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

This user LOVES to go on chat and talk to:
Newbie, Brian, Jonathan Tennysion, Brandon 10, Ben10Mazters, Survivefan, Redoalien, CodeLyoko, Snow-Woman, Infernape, Charbel, Batking, Omneroy, Binkatong and lots more

This user is hungry, too

I wake up in the morning feeling like awesome Fusion

–Parody of Tick-Tok by Ke$ha

Hello, and Welcome to my Profile



123, Fusion F.




Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry




Beta Tester

Born on:

152, 206, 754 B.C (And then again on Tuesday)


11, 002, 005, 213
Then, I became 11


Everyone on the wiki
Except for people who VANDALISE >:(


Ben10 "Batman" Mazter
Newbie "Newb" Newberson (But he doesn't know that)

Hello. The name is Fall-- FusionFall, that is. Double nothing, one, two, three.

You can call me Fusion, your king, my lord, the awesomness, the Terminator, or Fall.

I like fan fictions, so I decided to join this wiki. I love to make friends here. I hope we see each other in other wikias or sites!

I also have Hypochondriasis. It means a sickness of thinking I am sick. I'm even thinking I have a sickness of thinking I am sick! That is one of the proofs :P

See you when I see you ;)

FIUOSN Talk to me 15:29, November 24, 2011 (UTC)

Just in case the tabs don't work, you could either go to their archives ( The first tab, and the the second tab) of it, or my normal viewed profile


Fusion currently plays Blake Alexeiagile, a level 20 Fusionian. He once fell off is chair and almost became a woman. His original name was Snoop Doggy Dog, but someone took that already. Fusion went on a spirit journey at 1968 and found his animal spirit guide, a bunny named Steve. After the bonding, Steve has been forced to follow what Fusion says for eternity.

Got a Question?

Wanna ask me something? Head over to my talk page and ask me what do-hickey do you want!

My Backpack...

Well, this is the stuff I earned or got in this wikia.

Note: This would go great with tabs... but it'll make the wikia look weird...

I got...

  • Two Tadenite badges (Thanks to Roads for one of them)
  • A picture of Clockwork
  • Logos of other user's series.
  • Currently, there is a spot here for that 30 Days on The Wikia (But i'm not a computer addict, you know)
  • There is a desicion list.It says "Do you wanna have another fanon. This time, it's Generator Rex" Confirmed :D
  • A permission slip from several users (who I will keep secret) about... [REMOVED BY THE GOVERNMENT]
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