D2D for short form, and you can also call me Dreamer too(this one I prefer). I have been a fan of the Ben 10 franchise since it was aired when I was about 10 myself, it has inspired my creativity with sci-fi going from fandom to original ideas. Since this is a fanfiction based group I will be making things fan-based here.

I have many ideas on Ben 10, including one of my makings for Dimension 0 if it exists already then I don't care for mine is different, Ben 10 with a living Omnitrix, not just a watch but something cross between Unitrix and the Omnitrix and sort like a tale of Pinocchio to it but that just a concept idea at the moment, "Ben 10; Future Frontier" self-explained title but it mostly follows Kenny and friends, and many other one-shot ideas for fun including a Generator Rex idea but mostly for the crossover really. for some of my OCs, there will be spin-offs for them at some point that takes part with the main timeline(might have worded that wrong but don't care).

I am finally finding my footing for a story, still have no idea how to put it into words, but I will figure it out eventually. Stay tuned for more.

Out of boredom and writer's block, I make a what if I was in Ben 10 story, and it will be found exclusively on my Wattpad, but it will be found elsewhere if you really are interested.


Signature Projects

  • A Hero of 10 : Join me as Azlin as I live the life of Ben like from the original (retired)
  • A Hero of 10; Rebooted : when one book closes another opens and that just what this is about. (in development)
  • A Hero of 10; After Math : set right after Rebooted ended and it all starts with the Worst Day Ever. (TDA)

Other Projects

A list of other things I am working on.

Input is always welcomed, you have ideas, I want to hear them.

Thank you for reading this.


P.S. if you have questions ask in a comment somewhere anywhere that I gave if you can that is.

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