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Sumukki are one of the most dangerous species around, currently residing on [INFORMATION MISSING], a Level 50 danger zone. For comparison, Anur Vladias is Level 25.

[INFORMATION MISSING] is a deadly world with cracks all around its surface. These cracks can range from being small enough that Nanochips are unaffected, to being big enough that To'Kustars are trapped forever. These cracks emanate a deadly energy that has an even deadlier effect.

First, the victim starts screaming or making loud noises from its oral system, eventually rupturing its vocal cords. Even after this, it tries to scream and usually ends up releasing bodily juices such as blood.

Next, the victim will dig into its skin or outer layer and rip it off. For the case of Polymorphs, they destroy their projectors and stab themselves with the splintered metal. They will then rub the bleeding gashes all over their bodies.

Once this happens, the cracks will somehow grow bigger, making the mutilated organism fall into the hole below. But the planet is a wonderland compared to the creatures themselves.

The creatures latch onto a lifeform, and slowly leech not blood, but sanity. Every day, they will get more unhinged, more and more until they are either put down or placed into an insane asylum. But this happens slowly, so slowly that the effects may be attributed to clinical insanity. Avoid at all costs.

Once the victim is fully insane, the Sumukk will burrow into their insides and feed on the victim while duplicating itself to make eggs. The Sumukk will exit the victim and it will later vomit up the eggs, usually dying in the process.

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