YouTube Channels for Artists

Favorite YouTube channels for anyone with artistic aspirations (writing, drawing, animating, cinematography, and (to a degree) musical composing)

Actual Authors

  • Jenna Moreci, author with writing tips centered (mostly) on believable characters, relationships, and dialogue (she touches on a lot more, though, of course). Videos are pretty much all 6-9 minutes.

Professional Artists

  • Sycra, who has a strong focus on making dynamic and fluid poses of the body
  • Proko, who uses anatomy lessons to help truly understand the parts of the body for drawing
  • Character Design Forge, who's an in-depth guide on the path from idea to the page, featuring lots of tips for creative/writer's block
  • Draw With Jazza, (my favorite) who showcases a variety of character designs and explains his character design process (from idea to finished piece)

(Proko and Sycra clearly use more of digital software for their videos, but since they're working with the fundamentals, it translates easily to any other medium. Same with Jazza, who regularly draws on fine paper with Copic markers.)

TV/Movie Analysts

  • Nerdwriter1, who breaks down movies and the psychology people use in the real world (like how Louis CK understands people in a special way that he uses for his jokes; or how Trump tweets)
  • Every Frame a Painting, for more breaking down movies for what makes em great, but also with a good focus on music
  • Channel Criswell, for even more movie breakdowns

(All three of these channels break down movies they like or that are really popular, but for personal reference, being able to dissect your own favorite movies is even something on Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling (got a blog post for that)


  • Extra Credits, which breaks down video games mostly but a lot of what he says can be translated to writing our stories.

TV Series/Movies Worth Analysing

Here are some TV series and movies worth analysing yourself. They're seen as some of the most universally great stuff around.


  • Your Lie in April (2014) (Available on Netflix)
    • I'm actually not gonna say what it's about. Just watch it, think for yourself on this one. It's only one season (and it is a complete series), somewhere around 23 episodes at like 22 mins each. I think it's worth it.

TV Series

  • The West Wing (1999 - 2006) - 7 Seasons (Available on Netflix)
    • Political drama (that definitely earns the title of comedy at the same time) following the presidency of Notre Dame and London School of Economics alum, Nobel Prize winner, former economics professor, two-term Governor of New Hampshire, and father of 3, Josiah "Jed" Bartlet (also a descendant of real-world Declaration of Independence signatory Josiah Bartlett). Actor Martin Sheen takes the role home, alongside key members of his staff who somehow make White House day-to-day proceedings pretty funny.
    • From Aaron Sorkin, an astounding TV and film writer.
  • Black Mirror (2011 - 2016) - 3 Seasons (Available on Netflix; Netflix Original as of Season 3)
    • Dark, sci-fi oriented anthology series focusing on the near-future of technology and their societal impacts. Tackling the hard topics like proper punishments for murderers to the feasibility of recreating people through AI and old memories, Black Mirror isn't afraid to say what it wants while leaving you to think for yourself. It's like TV, but how it should be.
    • Because it's an anthology series, you can watch the episodes in any order, so I'll leave my favorite episode here if you want a great starting point: San Junipero (Season 3, Episode 4). There are little easter eggs throughout the show that callback to earlier episodes, but hey, easter eggs are negligible. Plus, this is a show where, if you like it, you prob won't watch each episode just once (you'll catch everything later).
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