Who am I?

Hello everybody! My username is ChamAmazing as you guessed by reading the page's name :P. My true name is COUGH COUGH.

How did all started?

I was talking with a friend in the Facebook when he told me abut an awesome fanfic called Ben 10 Fan Fiction. since I was a big fan of Ben 10 I decided to visit it. That was 3 years ago.

Why Am I Here?

In the beggining of 2013 (1 am of 1st January, to be more precise) I started reading John Smith 10 by Dioga Beta. I loved the series until it begun John Smith 10 Phantom watch. He had'nt any pics for his fanon aliens and, after thinking for days I decided to sign up in BTFF to make pics of his new aliens and that's why I am here.

15 Favourite aliens Both Fanon and Canon):

-ChamAlien (You can guess by my username)

-Blamurai (Richard 10 alien)

-Branch O'Sin (Noah 10 alien)

-Water Hazard (Always liked him)

-Frankenstrike, Snare-Oh, Blizwolfer and Ghostfreak( the monster guys, forever in my heart)

-Goat Foo (John smith 10 alien, Always a martial arts fan)

-Astrodactyl (Past and Future joined in one alien)

-Taco-Man (Noah 10 alien) and Picante Cáscara (Richard 10 alien) (Tacos, duh)

-Pacifista (John Smith 10 alien)(Pacifista, in the streets:Living Human weapon, coming through)

-Upchuck Norris (His awesomeness stops me from staying why do I love him)

-Ball Weevil (aleleuia, a bug that doesn't make balls made of poop! Or does he????)

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