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Ello, guys! My name's Brandon 10, but you can just call me Brandon. I began watching Ben 10 when I was much younger, around the time of the Original Series, but it wasn't until Alien Force first aired that I became a fan. Seeing how this really cool show would get a sequel and who knows what else is what made me realize that I should start keeping up with the show and join the fandom. I've been watching, and a fan, for years to come and created my own aliens and Ben 10-like ideas since then. Eventually, I discovered Ben 10 Fan Fiction and started putting those ideas into my own series, Brandon 10.

You can also find me on Deviant Art, where I draw stuff about Ben 10 and even from my own shows.

Stuff I Like

  • Ben 10 (Duh)
  • Doctor Who
  • Marvel/DC

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My Series

Brandon 10

Starting with the Original Series, the series begins with a ten-year old boy named Brandon who discovers a lottery ticket on a trip to the store. He gains billions of dollars to use for a hidden laboratory underneath his house, various inventions and a super computer that he also built. After such good fortune, he decides to celebrate by going hiking up a mountain. But, as he reached the top, a "shooting star" flew across the sky, dropping a small meteor which crashed to the ground. When investigating the meteor, Brandon discovered that the meteor wasn't actually a meteor but a rod filled with DNA. In order to contain the radiation, Brandon contained the DNA Rod with a containment device. Brandon then worked on the containment device in his lab and created the Omnitrix. With the help of his best friend, Coco, Brandon uses the Omnitrix to save the day from various villains like the Conqueror, alien attacks and goes on strange adventures.

The next series, Alien Force, is set five years after where Brandon no longer has the Omnitrix and is a solo act living his own life until aliens attack once again like the invading forces of the Zonarians, causing him to assemble a team and use the Omnitrix once more. Now unlocking more aliens than before, Brandon must learn to be a leader in order to save the world for even more alien attacks.

In Ultimate Hero, the series after, takes place a year later. Brandon's secret identity as an alien hero is blown to the public, making him a world renowned hero. With his team and new Ultimatrix, Brandon travels across the globe and even alternate dimensions to save the day from new threats like Khan. The Ultimatrix's new ability to evolve aliens allows him to become an Ultimate Hero when a regular one just isn't enough. And with new additions to the team and several other people they meet along the way, the adventure keeps getting better and better.

The Reboot is a revamp of the Original Series, now in dialogue rather than the inital paragraph format. It was made to make the original episodes clearer, more interesting and in more detail. Those newly added details also making it easier to reference in future work as opposed to a line of description talking about someone or something. While it has served its purpose on a few occasions, its production has been very limited with the current run of Ultimate Hero and other projects. So while its first season has been revitalized, the original series will become to be rebooted with an upcoming second season.

Mutant Drake

Originally starting off as a pet project/idea experiment, Mutant Drake became a series about a teenage boy with Mutant powers given to him by microscopic devices known as Nanogenes. Using his powers, the rebellious boy set out to protect the only place he called home, the city. Split between working for the Mutation Containment Agency as their secret weapon and his own desire to become more Human than Mutant, Drake gained help from allies in his work and friends that teach him about Humanity. As the series further progressed, Drake's understanding of the world was tested as he explored outside of the city and encountered Mutants who naturally gained their powers rather than gaining them artifically from Nanogenes. Together, they formed a team of enhanced individuals in order to save the city and everything beyond it. It also gained a spin-off, Ryder, about a private investigator with a terrible secret which I happen to co-write.

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My Favorite Aliens

Original Series

  • Upgrade
  • Grey Matter
  • Cannonbolt
  • Upchuck
  • Way Big

Alien Force

  • Big Chill
  • Echo Echo
  • Brainstorm
  • Goop
  • Alien X
  • Lodestar

Ultimate Alien

  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Ultimate Big Chill
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Water Hazard
  • Fasttrack
  • Clockwork
  • Ultimate Way Big


  • Gravattack
  • Ball Weevil
  • Gutrot

Brandon 10


My Favorite Series

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