aka RubberToast or Rob, if you like names.

  • I live in Texas, US
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is Artist and Creator of Ren 10 and the Others
  • I am fueled by spite and good vibes.

What's good, guys?

ALRIGHT, we're gonna try this again.

Hey there! My name is Beast, or Rubbertoast, or Rubber, or Rob. Ben 10's always been my jam, and it's inspired me and my style of looking at things. I've been an on-off user here for 8 years, trying my hardest to make a series I'm proud of, here. And I think it's finally that time.

I'm wanting to change the way I write, and the way people view writing here, with my third-times-the-charm reboot of Ren 10 and The Others. I can't wait to get this show taking off again since I want it to be the new sexy around here! It'll take me a bit to get acquainted with everyone around here again, but it's gonna be a good time. Feel free to say hi!

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