Burger King!

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K-K The Batking Way!

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About Me

I live on the Dark Side of the Moon away from my Enemies, and Roads (The Good Guy). I have a Wii, have read the Hunger Games, and Write Stuff. I enjoy watching Ben 10, Phineas and Ferb, Justice League and Younge Justice, Movies, and Psych. I play Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Skyward Sword, Kirby Games, and Minecraft. I also run a Weekly Blog here on the Wiki, and Celebrate Christmas Yearly.

My Series

Ben 10: Team Tennyson - 1st Series on the Wiki made with Duncan Crook, Dave, and Omi. Sequel to Alien Force introduces new Enemies such as Time King, Veggie King, and new aliens such as Angel, Het and 13.

Ken 10 - 2nd Sequel to Team Tennyson, but written before the 1st sequel. Also by Me, Duncan, Dave and Omi. About Ken the son of Ben 10,000 Alternate/Realistic Timeline, because Julie is the Mom.

Ben 10: Ultimatrix Overdrive - My 1st Solo and Original Series, but has no Official Page, and my breakthrough in my opinion as a Writer Here. Sequel to Ultimate Alien Season 1 before it was Done Airing, so Aggregor is dead, and his brother Daggregor is going to Conquer the Universe.

Sonorosian Adventures - About an Ultimate Sonorosian and Celestialpien who must work together to find a missing Ben. More of a Drama/Action series than Comedy. The next best thing I wrote. On a Hiatus still, beacuse of Writer's Block.

Splix 10 - My best series yet, but it was not created by me, but by Weirdo, and due to Me not being able to work on Two Shows at once he will take over again at Season 3. I adopted it though, and made it Splixyish. This show revolves around a Splixson who gets an Omnitrix. Weirdo never started writing again, so I am trying to get back into it.

Friends on this wiki


Anyone who Spams, Vandals or Sockpuppets on Wikis, and Real Life Ones, such as Ghirahim from Skyward Sword.


K-K was edited Twice before the One up there

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