General Information
Species Reversosapiens
First Appearance TBA

Upsevenia is the homeworld of the Reversosapiens. It is a warm, desert world with many similarities to that of Earth's Egyptian deserts. It has three moons, a sun and a scheduled eclipse once every 80 years.


Upsevenia is home to a variety of interesting creatures. The dominant lifeform on this planet are the Reversosapiens, who have colonized little over half of the entire planets.

Alien-like Scorpions called Leiurustalkers roam this world and can as small as a penny or as big as a elephant. Reversosapiens have evolved to taming these creatures into beasts of burden. Some, however, pose a threat to the species and have caused damage to the Reversosapiens, and their homes.

On the predatory side of the planet that Reversosapiens do not live on, several carnivorous species reside there. There are Vibrattles, rattlesnake-like aliens that eat anything that can fit inside their venomous mouths, and Bluzzards, vulture-like aliens with two heads that feast upon any dead specimens they find. Leiurustalkers also live in this area and range in size.


Rich, wealthy Reversosapiens live in giant domes where they are treated like kings and queens. Kings and Queens have their own maids, chefs, soldiers, jesters, and doctors. Children of aforementioned kings and queens go to schools where they are taught to live long and prosper their lives and what to expect when they journey out into the universe.

Less fortunate and poor Reversosapiens live in the middle of the planet, constantly warding off dangerous species and tending to their crops. Their children go to small schools are aren't taught as much as the richer ones are. If they trek to the wealthy side of the Reverosapien's territory, they are either executed or sent to the dungeons to rot.

Any Reverosapien that commits a crime such as theft or murder will be exiled to the part of Upsevenia where the predatory species live. They cannot come back and must fend for themselves at all times.


Upsevenia is divided into thee sides: The rich side is completely covered in rich orange sand, oases as far as the eye can see and countless dome houses. In the poor side there a few raggedy tents, brown sand, farms and semi-dirty ponds of water and plants. On the predatory side, no regular plant-life can survive, and it is full of spiked crags, cacti as tall as houses and red sand.

On the day of the eclipse, the sand turns a emerald green color for a short period. The weather on Upsevenia is always sunny and may have the occasional sandstorm every now and then.


  • Reversosapiens only allow their own kind to visit this planet, unless others have a special status.
  • This planet was almost bought.
  • Upsevenia was inspired by Egypt.
  • The name Upsevenia, is an allusion to the number seven being a lucky number, and up, related to Reversosapien's luck never going up.
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