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==Aliens Used==
==Aliens Used==
*[[Diamondhead (E-10)|Diamondhead]]
*[[Diamondhead (E-10)|Diamondhead]] (selected alien was [[Lodestar (E-10)|Lodestar]])
*[[Fasttrack (E-10)|Fasttrack]]
*[[Fasttrack (E-10)|Fasttrack]]
*[[Heatblast (E-10)|Heatblast]]
*[[Heatblast (E-10)|Heatblast]]
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*This episode was originally titled ''O' Maggie, Where Art Thou?''.
*This episode was originally titled ''O' Maggie, Where Art Thou?''.
*The mysterious character from [[A Mutant Of My Own]] returns.
*This episode aired on the same day as Cloud's (MCBonez) birthday.

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Graphic Violence

The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.
General Information
Original broadcast December 7, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 17
Overall episode number 17
Written by Alanomaly & ZeVikingSif
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Previous episode The Sound and the Fury
Next episode Burning the Ashes and Brightening Spirits

Uprising is the seventeenth episode of E-10: The Series.


Continuing the events of Maggie's disappearance, Sif decides to train Cloud which lets to an unexpected adventure. Meanwhile Maggie begins a revolution in Azteca.


[Maggie took footsteps to the view of a village below the mountaintop which was surrounded by a castle.]

Maggie: I’m here…

[Maggie started running toward it. She then hides behind the trees, as she noticed the guards who were blocking the entrance. They guards stood wearing metallic armor, holding staffs. Suddenly a slithery arm made of water drags one guard into the bushes. The other guard turns around noticing he disappeared, then the guard also gets dragged too. Suddenly Maggie stood out from the bushes with her eyes glowing as Silver Stream, then started walking through the entrance.]

Maggie (Thoughts): That was too easy… Wonder why she would leave the entrance so unprotected…

[Maggie turned to the front and noticed guards were everywhere as people were struggling to make it in the village. A child was trying to pay for a small bucket of water. The guard rejected his money.]

Child: Please… I need water...

Guard: Bastard getting a little thirsty are you? If you can’t pay the price then it’s off with your head!

Child: What!? NO!

[The mother was crying as the child was being dragged by the guard towards a gate leading to the castle, screaming in terror. Maggie glared as her eyes glew back into Silver Stream and before the child reached to the gate, a giant wave splashed onto the guard, throwing him to the other side, with the gate shutting. The child got up surprised, and saw his bucket was completely filled with water, he smiled and ran off with his bucket. Maggie stood looking to the side of a cabin, as the child ran home, she turned.]

Maggie: Pyrexia is going to pay…

E-10 - Title Theme

E-10 logo

[At the base, with the supercomputer now repaired, the Agent started setting up his testing machines.]

Agent: Alright Cloud, Ethan, ready to go.

Ethan: You bet.

Cloud: Just try not to go easy on me Ethan.

[Sif walked over next to the Agent as he saw the other two getting ready.]

Sif: What’s going on?

Agent: We’re doing to a training exercise to see what Cloud can really do.

Sif: And Ethan?

Agent: The new alien. ALRIGHT, ON YOUR MARK…

[Cloud was making his position.]

Agent: GET SET….

[Ethan tapped the Omnitrix core and slammed down. Ethan had transformed into Diamondhead by mistake, looking at himself.]

Agent: Ethan! Just hit the switch!

Diamondhead: Nah, I’m good. Besides Cloud’s training is more important than mine at the moment!

Agent: What kind of fucking logic is this, just….

Diamondhead: Say go already!

Agent: Fine… GO!

[Cloud’s sonic gloves started to glow and they launched out a sonic blast. Diamondhead creating a shield, and it shattered.]

Diamondhead: Whoa, nice..

[By surprise, Cloud shot another blast another blast at him and Diamondhead jumped to his right and turned in a spin to dodge the attack.]


[Cloud threw a pair of dice to the ground and gas started clouding the area, Diamondhead looked around. He saw a figure coming out from the shadows, and Diamondhead created a pillar under him, as Cloud struck from the gas, shooting a sonic blast. Diamondhead’s pillar was beginning to crack and began tumbling down. Diamondhead jumped off it and diamonds were shattered all over the ground. Sif started glaring at the two, Diamondhead smirked and created a blade from his right arm and charged toward Cloud. Cloud grabbed another pair of dice as his other glove started glowing, he charged back at him. Before the two can lay an attack on each other…]

Sif: STOP!

[Diamondhead and Cloud paused for a moment.]

Sif: I want a turn.

Diamondhead: What?

[The Omnitrix started beeping and Diamondhead transformed back into Ethan.]

Sif: You heard me, I want to train with Cloud.

Ethan: I… uh…

Sif: Well I mean if you’re not going to use your new guy, why bother training with him at all?

Ethan: I mean we got a big fight on our hands and...

Sif: [Interrupts] I know, let me be the one to take a crack at him.

Ethan: I mean if Cloud’s alright with that?

Cloud: I don’t care.

Ethan: Alright then… you train with Cloud.

Agent: Well in the meantime, I’m going to set up the coordinates to Azteca.

Ethan: Alrighto, mind if I come along?

Agent: Sure I don’t care.

Ethan: Sweet!

[The two leave the scene and Cloud moves back into position.]

Cloud: Alright, you ready Sif?

Sif: [Crossing his arms.] Okay, "Cloud", cut the shit.

Cloud: What?

Sif: You can fool Ethan but you sure as shit can't fool me.

Cloud: Fool you with what?

Sif: For starters, your name.

Cloud: I reckon you're not gonna take 'Cloud Shadows' for an answer?

Sif: What do you take me for?

[Everything went quiet for a moment until Cloud spoke.]

Cloud: It's Alexander.

Sif: Okay, 'Alexander'. How did you get the superpowered poker set?

Cloud: It's... a bit of a long story. I will explain it to everyone, just not now.

[Sif tapped the Absolute Zero icon from his gauntlet and it launched itself onto him, surrounding his entire body.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Come inside.

Cloud: Why?

Sif (Absolute Zero): Just do it.

[Cloud shrugged and the two stepped inside, and Sif spread some distance between him.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): I wanted to train you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do, Alexander.

Cloud: Do you honestly think this is gonna be a chance for you to kick my ass?

Sif (Absolute Zero): That's exactly what I think.

[Sif pulled a chain. The floor underneath all the furniture in the room lowered, allowing the furniture to be put down below. The floor then became completely level and empty. A holographic projection started to encase the inner walls of Storage G as they suddenly started to glow white]

Cloud: [Walking around Sif] How the hell did you people manage to turn this storage center into a knockoff Danger Room?

Sif: I thought you would've learned by now that I have a genius level IQ!

Cloud: [Scoffs] That just doesn't explain anything--

[Sif put his arms out and shot a concentrated stream of ice at Cloud, who swiftly dodged by rolling to the right. Cloud then began to clench his fists and tighten his knuckles, which charged up his sonic blasts. After a few short seconds he put his arm out to aim at Sif, who began to fly and was ready to shoot another concentrated stream of ice. Before Sif could even fire anything once more, Cloud shot a continuous wave of sound. Sif flew past the sound wave with some difficulty due to the speed of the wave. Cloud continues to aim and fire his own sonic blasts, following Sif around. After consistent dodging mid-air, Sif decided to fly directly to Cloud, ready to punch him. Cloud had noticed this and clenched his fists once more to charge up his seismic blasts. Just as Sif got closer, we cut away to below the TARDIS.]

[The Agent goes to activate the TARDIS, he flips a lever on the console, and a loud noise was heard. The Agent flips the lever back and started to look terrified.]

Agent: Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Goddamnit, fuck. No. Fuck!

Ethan: What is it?

Agent: I can't use the fucking TARDIS! If I try it'll just... Ok to put it simply, this thing is powered by a black hole that's frozen in a single point in time, called the Eye of Harmony, and if I try using it right now... That black hole won't be frozen anymore. This shouldn't be a problem. But it is. And... I uh... Don't know how to fix it.

Ethan: Can’t you get one of your friends or other Agent’s to help you.

Agent: Oh sure like if it were that simple!

Ethan: Why don’t I try Upgrade or maybe Grey Matter?

Agent: This is beyond you or any of your aliens can comprehend.

Ethan: Well fuck you too…

Agent: At least I’m being honest.

Ethan: Alright, well, while you try to figure this out, I'm gonna grab us Burger King. Uh, the Parmesan Chicken sandwich right?

Agent: AND A SODA!

Ethan: Alright sheesh!

[Ethan slammed down and transformed into Fasttrack in a flash.]

Fasttrack: I'll be back before you can say Fasttrack!

[Fasttrack zooms off.]

Agent: Fasttrack...

[Fasttrack comes back.]

Fasttrack: You got to say it slowly!

Agent: Fine.

[Fasttrack zooms off.]

Agent: Faaaaaast.... [He's gone] Dumbass...

[Back in Azteca, Maggie continues to snoop around the area as she looks for a way into the castle. Her eyes moved from left to right and ran straight, she then hid behind another cabin to hide herself from the guards. Maggie saw a straight path ahead of her and snooped in, before she could run… she was taken into a building.]

Maggie: AGH! HEY! [Her eyes glew] What do you think… [The lights turned on.]’re… doing?

[Maggie turned around to spot a lot of people hiding inside. A black haired girl around the same age as Maggie looked at her and gave her a hug.]

Laura: Maggie!

Maggie: Laura! It’s been so long!

Laura: I can’t believe you’re even alive!

Maggie: I know, same to you.

[She looked over at the group of people and saw her mother looking over.]

Maggie: Mom...

Maggie’s Mother: Maggie is that you…

Maggie: MOM!

[The two ran over and gave each other a hug. Tears started flooding down Maggie’s eyes.]

Maggie: I thought… when the house burned down that you…

Maggie’s Mother: No, I’m here, we’re safe, everything’s fine…

Maggie: But it’s not fine… Pyrexia… she took over everything.

Maggie’s Mother: We know…

Maggie: Wait… my sister... where’s Patricia?

Maggie’s Mother: She’s right here…

[She snuck up behind her mother, and Maggie grabbed her to give a big hug.]

Maggie: Wait a minute… is this everyone?

[Everything turned over to where many members of the tribe stood inside.]

Maggie’s Mother: Most of them. Yes. But what are you doing here? I told you to get out of here and move somewhere safe!

Maggie: I did, I kept running just like you said.

Maggie’s Mother: Then why are you back here? You need to get away from here at once, if they catch you...

Maggie: I know… I know what will happen… but that’s why I’m here, I’m here to put a stop to all this, to stop Pyrexia.

Villager: It’s too late Maggie, she took over the whole tribe the moment you left. Since then we’ve had to make due with what we had. For those of us who made enough money would be lucky just to get food and shelter. But for those who didn’t, they are forced to re-education at her concentration camps and if you don’t follow their rules, you are forced to death.

Maggie: No… We can’t let this happen.

Laura: But there’s nothing we can do.

Maggie’s Mother: Maggie, we’ve all tried to fight her, but we couldn’t stand a chance. All we can do now is pray and hope that someday things will change.

Maggie: Why didn’t you contact Mexico’s local government’s or anything!?

Laura: Pyrexia has blocked out any communication from the outside world, plus once the governor heard about what happened, their military forces couldn’t stop her. It was all hell the first two years.

Maggie: I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have left… I shouldn’t have ran…

Villager: You only did as you were told. You were only 11 when things went out of control. if you hadn’t ran when you did, then we would be in a worse situation.

Maggie’s Mother: Which is why… you need to leave at once…

Maggie: But mom!

Maggie’s Mother: I’m sorry Maggie, but we can’t afford to let Pyrexia catch you. Leave!

Maggie: But the guards…

Maggie’s Mother: Your friend will help sneak you out of here tonight. But for now… just stay put in here like the rest of us and hide.

[Maggie nodded and looked down. The scene cuts back to Sif and Cloud, fighting. Sif is shown hiding behind a wall of ice as tall as his armor. As Sif is ready to fire another blast, Cloud is shown clenching his fists and charging up another blast.. Sif finally comes out of hiding after a few short moments as he put his arms out, firing his concentrated stream of ice. Cloud does the same with his sound waves.]

[The two appear to be at a stalemate as the two are firing at each other. While the sound shatters the ice, Sif was unable to lay a hit as it was being stopped by the constant stream of ice following that was already shattered. Finally, Sif decided to break the stalemate and fired at Cloud's feet, but he had quickly jumped into the air and threw two spades at Sif, creating a minor explosion that knocked Sif into the ground. When Cloud landed back on the ground, his feet became stuck in the ice Sif had fired earlier.]

Cloud: You absolute goddamn bastard! You actually managed to get a hit in!

Sif (Absolute Zero): Fuck you...

[Suddenly the symbol on his chest started beeping. A heads up display within his armor showcased an attack on Dellsview's city hall by 5 unnamed individuals. Sif rolled over from his back to his chest and got back up. He walked over to Cloud and stepped on the ice that kept him subdued.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): It looks like you're in luck, you're gonna see some real action today.

Cloud: Huh?

Sif (Absolute Zero): We got 5 people around city hall, probably some common crooks.

Cloud: No, I meant did you insult yourself?

[Sif had let out an angry sigh and walked over to the chains and pulled on one of them, which returned the room back to normal. He had then pulled on the other chain, which opened up the garage door. Sif then walked outside]

Sif (Absolute Zero): You coming?

Cloud: [Walks to Sif.] So... how am I supposed to get there?

Sif (Absolute Zero): Grab on!

[Cloud grabbed onto Sif from his back.]

Cloud: Okay, now wh--

[Sif began to fly up into the air vertically as Cloud began screaming. He then started to fly horizontally towards city hall. Meanwhile, the police began firing at the figure but he was completely unaffected by the bullets. As the police stopped firing, four figures in black cloaks walked out of city hall. One of them looked at his surroundings and ran at a completely accelerated speed towards the cops who were surrounding the area. We saw a blue and black blur circling the entire area.]

[A few short seconds later, all of the cops in the area had been knocked out. The cloaked figure ran back up to city hall and towards the armored figure. Suddenly, the five had heard a loud sound which seemingly sounds like a jet engine. They all looked at the sky and saw the Absolute Zero armor with Cloud holding its back. Sif landed at the bottom of the stairs leading up to city hall. Cloud lets go and was holding onto his head whilst looking down, acting nauseous.]

Cloud: [stumbling] I-I'm alright, just give me a sec.

[Cloud vomits to the side and looked over at the armored figure.]

Cloud: Since when were the Fallen real?

Sif (Absolute Zero): You know that thing?

Cloud: What? No, never mind.

Sif (Absolute Zero): [Addressing the figure] Who are you, and what do you want?

Armored Figure: I am Sylas of Cascareau, here to collect a bounty for the Man of Sound!

Sif (Absolute Zero): [Addressing Cloud] You sure you don't know that thing?

[Cloud had shook his head no as he began to charge his gloves.]

Cloud: It was Jose! [Sif looks at him oddly.] Well we had to try, at least.

Sylas: I know he resides here. You two are able to comply and save your lives, or suffer the wrath of my Phantoms.

[Sylas walked to the right and gestured to the four cloaked figures known as The Phantoms. They then took off their hoods one by one to reveal a Kineceleran with a white visor named WY-LN, a Transylian with white hair and a ponytail named Vulfen, a female black Necrofriggian with glowing blue eyes named Shyyv and as the final Phantom unhooded himself, revealing to be Pyr-O.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Pyr-O...

Pyr-O: Greetings human, oddly enough we would be seeing each other again this early.

[Cloud, acting in panic, he fired a sonic blast at the four but was quickly knocked to the ground by WY-LN. WY-LN then turned his head to face Sif.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Wait! There’s no reason to drag out this fight. Sylas, I challenge you to a duel!

Cloud: Sif, what the hell are you doing?

Sif (Absolute Zero): Relax, these bounty hunter types have an honor system... or something like that.

[Sylas stood back from where he originally was as the Phantoms took their distance. He grabbed the two glowing axes from his back as they began to give off smoke and embers]

Sylas: Very well, metal man. Only to get a nuisance like you outta my way.

[Sif propelled himself into the air and flew directly to Sylas, charging toward him. Just as he approached Sylas, he swiftly burrowed his axes into Sif’s armor and threw him inside city hall. Sylas turned around and walked after him. As Sif started getting up, he shot a stream of ice at Sylas, who nonchalantly moved to the right of the blast. The ice completely covered up the entrance of city hall. Sylas is heard chuckling to himself.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Just to ensure you don't try to run away, if that's okay with you.

[The tiny holes within his armor started to release a form of smoke.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): As we speak, this room is gonna be rather chilly real soon.

[Sylas ran towards Sif completely ignoring any word he had said and ready to slice him with his axes. Sif, noticing this, grabbed onto his upper arms that were holding his axes but just as he had done that, his secondary arms had both jabbed Sif's helmet with both his right and left hooks. Sif, completely stunned by this, lets go of Sylas' upper arms but luckily he managed to roll out of the way. Sylas threw one of his axes directly at Sif, who narrowly managed to duck below. Sif fired back with another ice blast directly in front of Sylas' legs. Sylas then reached his hand out and magnetically pulled his axe back to him. The axe hit Sif from his back on its way to Sylas' hand and knocked him into the ice he had just fired, keeping him stuck.]

Sylas: Your Manzardillian tactics are two generations too tired, boy.

[Sif began to try and pull himself out of the ice, but the smoke generated from his armor only managed to strengthened it. Sylas stomped Sif deeper into it several times before lifting him back up by his neck. Ready to completely slice his head off, he raised his axe into the air. Sif tried to get away from his grasp and out of panic, he put his arms in front of his helmet and the smoke froze Sylas' helmet. Surprised, he drops Sif.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): You know all that hydrogen and moisture in the air? You're gonna be wishing you didn't wear a big metal suit like yours today!

[The room was surrounded in smoke, as everything was covered by ice, Sylas' suit began to freeze up. He had tried to move his arms but his movement was completely hindered by the suit.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): You were right, by the way. Manzardillian tactics are so outdated. You ever encountered a Scleran huntsman?

[Sylas' armor began to glow orange, just like his axes and it very quickly melted off the ice in his suit. He began to crack his neck and approached Sif with both of his axes.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Well, Scleran hunters... they...

[Sif began to flee as we cut to Cloud, with his earbuds in, listening to music and nodding his head whilst looking at the four Phantoms. They all stared at Cloud dead in the eyes as he looked away. Suddenly, Sif crashed through the wall of ice he had created and was thrown down the stairs. He quickly got back up, albeit with a slight limp now.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): ALEXANDER! IT'S TIME TO RUN!

[Sif and Cloud ran away from Sylas and the Phantoms. Meanwhile Sylas walked out of city hall, placing both his axes on his back.]

Shyyv: Are there going to be two funerals, Sylas?

Sylas: Unfortunately, only one for now…

[Shyyv spreaded his wings and flew up towards the two whilst WY-LN zoomed past his four allies and ran towards Cloud. Cloud fired a sonic pulse which hurt the ears of everyone around them. Sif covered his ears despite wearing a helmet, WY-LN crashed into a wall and Shyyv dropped straight to the ground despite being further away]

Sif (Absolute Zero): ALEXANDER, SHUT IT OFF! I think you made your point!

[As everyone began to grunt from the pain whilst holding their ears, Cloud clenched his fist which turned off the sonic pulse. The two continued to run away with both Shyyv and WY-LN recovering from the pain. Meanwhile a henchman runs up the stairs to Pyrexia’s room and took deep breathes.]

Henchman: Madam Pyrexia…

Pyrexia: What is it that you spoil this room with your nasty breath?

Henchman: One of the villagers just filled me in… it’s Maggie… she’s here…

Pyrexia: And so it begins… [Grinning.]

Henchman: Shall we plan to attack?

Pyrexia: Nah, let’s wait her out… after all, if she’s going to take back her village, she needs time to prepare… Let’s see what she exactly does…

[We cut back to both Sif and Cloud, as they are shown running right in the middle of the streets. A car is shown swerving out of the way of the two, as Sif ran toward the sidewalk while Cloud slides through the hood of the car. The two had made it over to a two way intersection, ready to run towards the left but WY-LN sped through and stands in front of the left intersection. The two, in panic, decided to run to the other side.]

Cloud: I thought you were supposed to be the professional!

Sif (Absolute Zero): [Panting] I have this handled, give me another minute!

Cloud: We don't have another minute!

[As the two ran down the street, a police car was shown driving up the street, speeding towards WY-LN who stood behind them. WY-LN accelerated past the two and straight towards the police car, flipping it over within a second or two. Sif and Cloud, both frightened by WY-LN's ability, they tried to run into an alleyway to their right but WY-LN zoomed past them and stood at the entrance.]

WY-LN: Wrong way.

Cloud: [Panting] Was there a right way in the first place?

[WY-LN was closed his claws and spun them at an incredible speed, creating an artificial drill effect. Cloud stood there with his eyes widened and his arms pointed at WY-LN, ready to fire. Sif put his arm over Cloud’s and dragged them down. He looked back at Sif confused, but eyed him to look up. A barrage of red, blue and green lasers rained from the sky towards WY-LN, unaware of what was about to happen. WY-LN is quickly shot down, as we pan up to the Fireworks armor flying in the air.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): The cavalry has arrived, my friend. Do you still question my professionalism?

[As the two shared a smirk, Shyyv had silently flew behind the Fireworks armor in her in intangible state and stretched her arms while crossing them through the armor. She went back into her physical state and pulled her arms back, completely destroying the armor and leaving it in pieces, leaving Sif and Cloud shocked. Sif sighed while Cloud bit his lip and closing his eyes]

Cloud: You know… you clearly don't want us dead, s-so what do you want?

[Shyyv flew towards the two, ready to pick them up.]


[Shyyv grabbed the both of them and flew vertically. We cut to the exterior of a parking lot and pan around the parking lot to show they’ve arrived near the storage center. We cut to the interior and see Sylas standing at the edge with Pyr-O to his left and Vulfen to his right. WY-LN is shown standing right beside Vulfen, battle scarred from the Fireworks armor. Shyyv finally arrived through the opposite side of the parking lot, holding Sif and Cloud. She dropped them and flew toward Pyr-O and stood next to him.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): So that's what that feels like...

[Sylas grabbed the two axes from his back and slowly walked toward Sif and Cloud]

Sylas: I could have had both of you killed. I could’ve also sent my Kinceleran after you into the alleyway and beat you ruthlessly.

Sif (Absolute Zero): Do you expect a 'thank you', or...

Sylas: I expect an answer. You two don't have to die today, so let me make myself clear: Do not cross me. My business here is to find the 'Man of Sound'.

Cloud: We told you, we have no idea who that is!

Sylas: It's not a very descriptive title. What I do know is that he too is a man of metal. My employer claims that he had stolen a valuable degenerative dwarf from his collection.

Sif (Absolute Zero): Oh... shit....

Sylas: The reason you two are here now is because I sense that he resides nearby. And if you two live here as well, it does not sound like much of a coincidence. It doesn't look like the Omnitrix bearer or the Time Lord will be able to save you at this current moment. Now is time for you two to save yourselves and give me answers.

Cloud: We still have no idea who that is! It's just us two, the two you mentioned and some moody teen who really isn't available right now.

Sylas: [Sharpening his axes] I did give you a fair warning.

[Cloud looked at Sylas angrily, as he finally snapped and stood up]

Cloud: I'm tired of this, you know what Sylas, let’s go, you and me!

Sif (Absolute Zero): Is this a good idea? You know what, forget it. This is your chance to prove your worth to the team. Show him what you got.

Sylas: I suggest you get it over with, then.

[Cloud had looked at Sylas dead in the face then waited about 10 seconds before he was ready to put his arm out and aim. He had finally opened up his hands and fired a sonic blast more powerful than he had previously fired. Continuous waves of sound was fired at Sylas, which completely smashed the windows of the cars nearby Sylas had stood there at the direct line of the blast but it was completely unaffective.]

Sylas: It took me weeks to try and track down the 'Man of Sound', do you honestly think I would bring a suit that would leave me vulnerable to an attack like this?

[The radius of the sound wave had expanded to the point where the Phantoms had to side-step out of the way.]

Sylas: Did you not hear a word I just said?

Cloud: [Long exhale] I heard you.

[Sylas walked toward Cloud, ready to stab him with his axes. Cloud stopped firing and pulled out three spades cards out of his back pocket and threw it at Sylas. He stumbled back and lost his balance for a split second before throwing one of his axes. Cloud side-stepped out of the way of the axe, dodging it.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Alexander! Behind you!

[Cloud made a sharp turn backwards to find the axe magnetically turning back. He side-stepped out of the way once again, making the axe fly toward Sylas' hand. The Phantoms walked towards the fight, right beside Sylas. WY-LN looking directly at Sif, ready to attack him. Sif had put his arm out and fired a blast of ice onto the ground just as WY-LN ran toward him.]

[WY-LN's legs were trapped on the ice. Sif ran toward him and landed a punch to his face, knocking him to the ground. Right behind him was Pyr-O, who made a look at Sif. We cut from Sif and Pyr-O straight to Cloud and Sylas. Vulfen had grabbed Sylas by the shoulders and nodded, to which Sylas backed away. Vulfen aimed his hand to a car that was to the right of Cloud, as sparks had ignited on the hood of the car. He pulled his arm to his right, which ripped the hood out completely due to his electromagnetism and flew toward Cloud, knocking him to the ground.]

[Vulfen's began to charge up purple electricity, he put his arms out to Cloud and shocked him. He quickly got up and rolled out of the way of the blast, but suddenly, Shyyv had grabbed onto his shirt and dragged him straight into a parking lot support beam. Cloud had tried to escape but it was no use.]

Cloud: Oh come on, can’t we talk this out?

[Vulfen clapped his hands together and had created an electrical discharge. Cloud began screaming for his life.]

Vulfen: That! That right there is the fear I live for. I hear people on this planet have overcome their fear of ghosts, shall I reignite those?

[Cloud exhaled and glared at Vulfen.]

Vulfen: You... are quite a bold specimen.

[Vulfen grabbed on to Cloud's chest, which completely electrified him and caused him to scream in agony. We cut back to Sif, who is being pummeled to the ground by Pyr-O. Sif struggled to fight back, as he shot a stream of ice at his face but it had quickly melted off. Sif had noticed Pyr-O's exposed knees and striked them with his leg, which caused him to fall down. Sif slowly got back up again [Pyr-O tried to punch Sif, but the punch was blocked by his hands. Realizing what he intended to do, he was too late to let go as he had fired a stream of fire that ignited his armor. He had panicked and yelled out for help, as the holes in his suit once again created a smokey ice that put out the fire. Sifs helmet had been completely scorched however, as he is forced to take it off]

Sif (Absolute Zero): You son of a bitch! Do you know how long it's gonna take to repair this thing?

Pyr-O: No, do you know how long it took for them to prepare me? Exactly!

[Sif was shocked by Pyr-O giving a response as suddenly, Sylas pulls Sif backwards from his shoulders and slammed his fist directly in his face. Sif had been knocked straight into the ground bleeding.]

Pyr-O: If you get the chance, tell your friend Ethan I’ll be waiting for him...

[Before Sif fell unconscious, he looked over to Cloud and found that he was being tortured and electrocuted. He had tried to reach his hand out but it was no use, his sight was beginning to go blurry until everything went black.]

[The scene changed back into Azteca where Maggie is looking around outside at the village, with Laura trying to sneak her out.]

Laura: You know, it was nice of you to come back, I just wish you hadn’t seen it like this.

Maggie: Yeah… but why didn’t you guys fight back, you had five years!

Laura: We couldn’t, I told you Maggie, the government tried to do what it could. Hell I heard they tried to bring the United Nations into this, but they just thought it was crazy talk.

Maggie: I’m not surprised. These days, nobody seems to believe in the abnormal, and I have friends who have superpowers.

Laura: Why didn’t you bring them?

Maggie: Because… they wouldn’t be able to do this. I have to stop her, this is my fight, not theirs.

Laura: No it’s our fight. If i’m being honest the more help would’ve been merrier.

Maggie: Well… now that I’m back, I’m going to use my powers to stop her.

Laura: What!?

Maggie: I’m not just gonna leave… everyone in here needs me, and I’m going to do what I have to.

Laura: But your mom… she said…

Maggie: I don’t care. I’ll do whatever I have to make sure I can keep everyone I care about safe. Gather up everyone in the tribe, we’re gonna end this here and now…

[In a secret area around the neighborhood, all the villagers had gathered up outside questioning what was going on. Maggie walked through the crowd and stepped on the stairs of gather.]

Maggie: Hey! HEY! [The crowd got louder] SHUT UP!!!!!!

[They stopped and stood looking at her with their full undivided attention.]

Maggie: Listen! I know times have been tough. Since Pyrexia arrived to Azteca, we can all agree that she has caused nothing but hell, but that changes today. After I left this tribe, I had to find my way back here, make friends who could understand the pain I was suffering through, and seize through it. Well I’m here now to tell you it’s time we did something about it. With my powers and you guys as my army, we can put a stop to all this.

Villager: That’s crazy! You’re talking about a suicide mission here!

Maggie: So what? We can’t just sit around here doing nothing while this evil queen here watches us suffer for her amusement. We tried to get government’s help and they couldn’t do nothing, but that’s because their fighting forces only we can understand. So it’s our job to clean up the mess she started. If we don’t, then what is the point of being alive, what is the point of trying to make families so they can suffer the same fate we did? It’s time to do something, no more waiting around, together we can do this! WHAT DO YOU SAY EVERYONE, ARE YOU WITH ME!?

[For a moment there was silence but one villager began to stood out.]


Villager 3: AS AM I!

[The whole village started cheering for Maggie and she smiled. Meanwhile inside a completely dimmed area, he only sources of light are the Absolute Zero armor's built in lights and Cloud's phone. Sif had regained consciousness and started to grunt, which was ignored by Cloud]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Oh, god... have we been captured?

[Cloud was heard sighing and continued to scroll through his phone]

Sif (Absolute Zero): I'm... i'm sorry, Alex. This is all my fault.

Cloud: [Putting his phone away] Why is it your fault?

Sif (Absolute Zero): I fucked up, man.

Cloud: Sif...

Sif (Absolute Zero): Mhm?

Cloud: Cut the shit. I don't really want to sit through 5 minutes of pronoun games and bullshit like that.

[Sif had got up and sat down in a proper position]

Sif (Absolute Zero): Do you know who I am? Like, really?

Cloud: Some asshole kid with future ego problems?

Sif (Absolute Zero): Yeah, that's a... fair statement. I wasn't raised here, you know. My dad, he left me with a spaceship and his intelligence. Thank god there was life insurance in space, he totally cashed in on it.

Cloud: If you use the word "totally" again, I'm going to hang myself with my own earbuds.

Sif (Absolute Zero): I was a young guy, I had all the money in the world and I thought to... invest, you could say. I made some wrong choices, didn't have a good R.O.I..

Cloud: Where are you going with this?

Sif (Absolute Zero): Me and some other friends of mine… we stole a dwarf star! I must've had my Sonic Doom armor at the time, I didn't think anyone would put a bounty on my head, much less after 4 months!

Cloud: Wow, you were right. This is your fault.

Sif (Absolute Zero): It's not like I wanted to steal it!

Cloud: Sif, it doesn't matter if you didn't want to, you did it anyway!

[Suddenly, the two hear what seems like an explosion in the distance.]

Sif (Absolute Zero): [Sigh] But I thought... all of that didn't matter anymore. I did some stupid shit but for 2 months, I escaped all of that when I joined this team. I felt like a decent human being for a change. I didn't want to be stuck here training you.

Cloud: Let me guess, you're nothing without...

Sif (Absolute Zero): You want me to say i'm nothing without the team?

Cloud: That is what you were building up to, right?

Sif (Absolute Zero): I'm sorry that I endangered you. I knew that Stylus guy was talking about me the moment he went into a monologue at the Costco parking lot.

[Cloud had stood up and turned around, ready to walk away]

Sif (Absolute Zero): For what it's worth, you seem like a good person, Alex.

[Cloud had sighed and turned back around to face Sif]

Cloud: I'm gonna level with ya', kid. I don't really have much to do outside of this team. It seems like this is my chance to keep myself busy.

[Sif had nodded in complete understanding]

Cloud: There is one more thing I wanted to say. We aren't captured.

[Sif had got up and looked at the surroundings around him in confusion]

Cloud: I thought your "genius level IQ" would've been able to figure out we were back at base.

[Sif facepalmed right then and there, realizing how much of a fool he's made of himself. Cloud approached Sif and patted him on the back]

Cloud: It feels good to come clean, doesn't it?

Sif: You’re a dick you know that?

Cloud: Now let’s go stop Sylas, together.

[There was a silence in the room for a few seconds before Sif broke it]

Sif (Absolute Zero): How did you escape the 'lot?

[Cloud had walked away towards the chains and he used his phone as a light source.]

Cloud: A magician never reveals his secrets, don't you know that?

[Cloud pulled on one of the chains which turned all the lights back on. All of the furniture returned from underneath the floor and Storage G had returned to normal. Cloud turned around to find Sif out of his armor completely. The Absolute Zero armor is seen folding. Sif activates his gauntlet and selects two armors in the HUD, which caused them to emerge from the ground on a podium. Both Sif and Cloud walked toward them The armors revealed to be Sonic Boom and Black Sun. Sif walked towards the Sonic Doom armor and grabbed two black ear pieces from its hips and handed them to Cloud]

Sif: When the time comes, put them around your ears and do your sonic pulse... thing from earlier. It clearly worked on the Phantoms.

Cloud: [Placing them into his pockets] Alright. I don't recommend using the armor he trained himself for, just as a note.

Sif: I wasn't planning to but I have a plan. I think I'll be using Black Sun, it's still experimental, I've only ever used it once or twice but it'll suffice. Besides, this is as good a test run as i'll ever get.

Sif: I think I should've invested in nanotechnology. Would make carrying around these armors a whole lot easier.

Cloud: You reckon we should work together this time? As our pal Agent would say, we cap off "this episode" with a nice arc?

Sif: Should my plan work, hell yeah we can.

[The two shake hands as we cut to another garage on the opposite end of the storage center. Sylas and the Phantoms are tearing through a garage as they searched for Sif and Cloud]

Sylas: I should've killed that long haired bastard on the spot!

Pyr-O: They are not far. My scanners indicate an 87% chance they did not leave the area.

[Suddenly, a shadow casts over Shyyv, WY-LN and Vulfen. The three look up and find the Sonic Doom armor levitating over them. The armor fired a seismic blast that knocked them to the ground before they could even react properly. Sylas turned to him and jumped up toward Sonic Doom, ready to slice him with his axes. The armor moved swiftly and dodged every attack]

[As Pyr-O was ready to fire at Sonic Doom, a 5 of spades card was thrown past him against a wall and it magnetically attracted it. It had slammed its head into the wall, leaving circuitry exposed. Cloud walked out of the shadows right as Shyyv, WY-LN and Vulfen got back up. He placed the black ear pieces on his ears. He aimed his hands at the 3 and fired his sonic pulse.]

[This time, however, the loud screeching had seemingly no effect on the Phantoms. Upon closer inspection, Cloud had noticed them all wearing blue ear pieces]

Cloud: God damnit! Why did it have to be villains that were smart enough to adapt to my old tactics?

[The group heard a sonic blast coming this way, the group turned to it and it revealed Fasttrack dashed back at the scene. Fasttrack looked up to see Cloud was surrounded by the group.]

Fasttrack: Well, I see you guys started the fun without me. Mind filling me in?

Cloud: Apparently Sif stole some Dwarf Star and--

Fasttrack: That explains a lot.

Pyr-O: You…

Fasttrack: Pyr-O!? Now you really have to fill me in…

[Pyr-O launched a flamethrower at the two, Fasttrack grabbed Cloud and dodged the attack, he dropped Cloud and started spinning his arms around which created two vortexes that threw him back. Just when it seemed like Fasttrack was distracted, WY-LN attempted to strike at Fasttrack but was stopped by his fist.]

Fasttrack: Fast reflexes!

[Fasttrack and WY-LN started fighting each other at quick speed and striked at each other in many sections of the storage center hit by hit. Everything began shaking and Fasttrack creating a lightning bolt throwing WY-LN back. Shyyv started running toward him and Fasttrack hit the Omnitrix, switching into Heatblast. Heatblast shot a flamethrower and Shyyv started to scream as she tried to block herself from the fire. She made it through the fire and before she could hit Heatblast. Heatblast created a fireboard from the ground to fly up and dodge the attack. Shyyv blasted a lightning bolt and it shattered Heatblast’s fire board. Heatblast began falling and launched his fist out at Shyyv. But he was too late as she caught the fist in time. Cloud fired a sonic blast and knocked her to the ground.]

Heatblast: Thanks man. Now let’s go find Sif.

[We cut back to Sonic Boom and Sylas as they were shown fighting on the rooftops of the storage center. Sylas was swinging his axes at Sonic Boom at a fast pace, but it had swerved to the left and right, dodging it at every turn. Getting frustrated, Sylas threw one of his axes behind him and threw the other toward Sonic Boom, which dodged it with ease. Sonic Boom then turned around to try and grabbed the axe that was thrown at him, but the second axe was attracted to him which hitted him in the back. Sonic Boom was knocked to the floor on his chest. Sylas stood over him and grabbed the axe that was stuck on his back. He then grabbed the second one and was ready to cut Sonic Boom in half, but all of a sudden, gravity had started to get weaker around him. Sylas' axes were floating upwards away from him and eventually, he began to float, too. The Black Sun armor had suddenly appeared and was inches away from Sylas]

Sif (Black Sun): Of course, I knew you were going to be predictable enough to think I would be in the armor you spent god knows how long trying to kill.

[Sylas grunted and magnetically pulled his axes back to him. He tried to hack and slash through the Black Sun armor but he was inches too far. Sif levitated Sylas up higher as he himself flew up to him and fought him from above. Sylas tried to fight back but was too slow and heavy under the lower gravity. Sif had cheap jabs and strikes toward Sylas, but eventually, the lights in his suit began to turn green. Sylas' armor had activated its artificial gravity as he slashed through Black Sun's chest, exposing the circuitry.]

Sif (Black Sun): Oh, that is just cheap!

Sylas: The thief is lecturing me about being cheap?

Sif (Black Sun): Now you've pissed me off.

[Sif had put his arms out to the ground and created an artificial vacuum that sucked in its surroundings, such as the walls themselves and all forms of garbage around the area. Sylas' armor had a jetpack installed and he was able to fly up higher than the vacuum's radius, but unbeknownst to him, the Sonic Doom armor was right above him. It fired a blast of sound that shoved Sylas downward and just enough into the vacuum's radius. Right as Sylas was sucked in, he threw his axes in the air and away from the vacuum. Sylas had been sucked straight into the ground by force at a high speed, which barely cracked his armor. The Black Sun armor had levitated aboved Sylas and was seemingly chuckling. Suddenly, the axes had cut through the Black Sun's head. The helmet fell straight to the ground next to Sylas. However, nobody was within the suit.]

Sif (Sonic Doom): You see, I do listen! I really do hate being predictable.

Sylas: You bastard!

[A flamethrower was blasted behind Sylas and he turned around.]

Sylas: So the Omnitrix bearer did come to save you after all… You’re weak Sif, just as you always were.. You…

Heatblast: Yeah, yeah, skip the chatter, and move onto the shatter!

Sylas: Indeed.

[Heatblast blasted another flamethrower from his palms, Sylas began to block it from his axes. Heatblast attempted to shoot harder but it continued to redirect it. Heatblast was beginning to struggle and his feet started sliding back against the concrete. Sylas smirked. Eventually before Sylas could strike him, both Sif and Cloud blasted him with a sonic blast from the back and Sylas fainted to the ground. Sif took deep breathes.]

Heatblast: Phew… nice work guys…

[Pyr-O’s voice began to surprise the team.]


[Pyr-O appeared to be up in the air as his body was surrounded in flames, but was knocked away by another surprising sonic blast. Pyr-O’s body once again shattered to the ground. The blast revealed to have come from the Agent.]

Agent: I take one hour to work on the TARDIS and here I find you fucks fucking up the place, again!

[Sylas got up and activated a switch on his arm. Eventually a cloaked ship appeared in the air, the group looked at surprise. All the unconscious bodies of the Phantoms and Sylas floated into the air and went inside the ship. The ship turned invisible again and launched into hyperspace, disappearing from the atmosphere.]

Agent: And just like usual, we let the bad guys get away…

Heatblast: Do we go after them.

Agent: No time, after all you want to save your friend Maggie don’t you?

[Heatblast timed out and transformed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Right.

[Ethan began walking alongside Cloud and Sif as the group walked back to the base.]

Ethan: So how was the training today?

Sif (Sonic Doom): It was good. I can say we learned a lot about each other.

[The scene moves to inside the TARDIS as the Agent is setting the coordinates.]

Sif: So Agent, how did you manage to fix the TARDIS?

Agent: Well, after about 20 minutes I decided to say fuck it and take a break. When I came back, I found a sticky note that said “All fixed.”

Ethan: [Grabs it] That’s strange… maybe one of the time lords did it?

Agent: Maybe, I don’t care at this point. But you know, I might have been wrong about what would happen today...

Cloud: What are you saying?

Agent: I know a guy who knows a guy and he told him that someone would be coming to reclaim a bounty. I thought it would've been that Lex Luthor-looking fuck, who I might owe money to. But at the end of the day, it was Sif's fault anyway and you two had it handled... in a manner of speaking.

Sif: I'm glad you added that last part. Just for the record, me and Alex would've handled the situation even if you hadn't showed up.

Ethan: [Confused] Wait, "Alex"?

Sif: Yes, Alexander... [Points to Cloud]

Ethan: Uh, dude, his name is Cloud Shadows…

Sif: What? No way, he--

[Sif turned to face Cloud to find him nodding]

Cloud: You wouldn't have believed it anyway.

Sif: ...That your name is actually "Cloud Shadows". What the-- what the hell is going on?

[Sif had stared at the camera completely baffled at what he now knows. The Agent approaches him and grabs his shoulder]

Agent: There, there, friendo. You get used to doing the Ben Wyatt in this universe. I'll have you know it's somehow acceptable here.

[The Agent and Ethan walk away from the two as Cloud approaches Sif]

Cloud: Just for the record, my name is actually Michael Shadows.

[Sif had given no response and thus an awkward silence began]

Cloud: Even without Ethan ex machina, I think we could've beat them.

Sif: [Sighing] I don't give a shit anymore. Just resume the status quo.

[Sif had walked away from Cloud. The Agent pressed the switch and the TARDIS teleported off.]

Ethan: Alright guys, thanks for being patient with this whole situation. No matter what, we’re not letting a teammate walk themselves into danger. So whatever happens today, our mission is this. We go to Azteca, we grab Maggie and get out of there. Understood.

[The group nodded. Ethan walked towards Cloud.]

Ethan: Cloud, are you ready for this?

Cloud: Yep, after today I think for my first big mission this is going to be pretty…

[Cloud suddenly collapsed onto Ethan and he hurried to grab him, and set him down.]

Ethan: Cloud!? CLOUD?

Agent: What happened?

Ethan: I don’t know he just...

[Ethan fell unconscious.]

Sif: Alright… show yourself you bastard!

[Sif began circling through his armors.]

Agent: Sif, I don’t think that’s the best idea.

Sif: I don’t care, I’m going to--

[Sif fell to the ground unconscious.]

Agent: Shit. TARDIS, activate the defense…

[The Agent then started to fall to the ground.]

Agent: Oh fuck me…

[Everything went black and we moved forward to Azteca, with Maggie in front of the entrance. The members of the tribe had some weapons mounted by fallen knights as their bodies laid on the ground unconscious. Maggie then began to speak.]


Crowd: YEAH!!!!


Crowd: YEAH!!!!!

Maggie: THEN..

[Maggie turned around and her eyes glew into Kotchya, she destroyed the entrance gate and charged.]

Maggie (Kotchya): LET’S GO!!!!!

[The knights began noticing Maggie arriving to the scene.]


[One of the tribe members attacked him. Eventually the whole village started fighting Pyrexia’s army. Maggie then flew into the castle’s gates and increased her speed through the castle’s tower. She flew over the stairs and began throwing knights around from every turn. Eventually she makes it up to the top and blasts the wooden door open, with guards falling to the ground. Maggie’s eyes changed back.]

Maggie: Pyrexia…

Madam Pyrexia: Maggie… why isn’t it nice to see you...

Maggie: Don’t give me that crap. You know as well as I do why I’m here.

Madam Pyrexia: Oh really? [Sipping on tea.] How are you so sure you’re going to win?

Maggie: Because I’m going to take back what belongs to me…

Madam Pyrexia: But it never belonged to you. Do you really think a kid with that much power deserves to wield it beyond any comprehension? No… It only takes someone with true power to rule this world, and Azteca was the start. Once my army slaughters you’re attempt of a counterattack, I’m going to take your powers and begin ruling this world. I just had to wait for you to come to me…

Maggie: Wait… you knew I was coming for you?

Madam Pyrexia: Yes. Just as I knew you were going to defeat Argost, that ape-man thing really believed he was going to take my power.

Maggie: You planned this…

Madam Pyrexia: Yes, just as I planned for you to be standing in that exact spot.

[She snapped her fingers and golden wires started appearing from the walls, grabbing Maggie and lifting her in the air, surrounding her arms and legs. She started muffling. Pyrexia gave her a devious smirk. Meanwhile Ethan, Sif, Agent and Cloud started to awake and look around, rubbing their heads.]

Ethan: Agh… what happened…

Agent: I don’t know… I…

[The Agent saw a shadow standing nearby.]

Agent: HEY!

[The Agent ran up and as the figure ran outside, the Agent followed him and he stepped out into a forest where nobody was around. He started searching and saw a teleporting flash come from the trees, the Agent ran over and found nothing.]

Agent: What the fuck is going on…

Ethan: Agent! [Hollering] Did you find anything?

[The Agent walked back over to the group who was standing outside the TARDIS.]

Agent: Nope, nothing.

Ethan: That was weird, do you know what happened?

Agent: Not sure, but it could mean something serious…

[The group eventually started to hear the sounds of screaming and chanting.]

Cloud: What was that!?

[The four confused, they ran over toward the direction of the sounds and found a village surrounded by a castle where everybody was fighting.]

Ethan: I think we made it to Azteca....

Knights: GET THEM!

[The knights ran over to the group and a green flash occurred, with Slapstrike punching them back.]

Slapstrike: Looks like we’ll have to fight our way to get to Maggie, everybody armor up.

[Cloud began charging his fists as the Agent pulled out the sonic. Sif re-selected the Sonic Doom armor, and from the TARDIS came the flying pod that surrounded Sif’s body from his torso, legs and arms. Then the group charged at the knights and began fighting. Meanwhile Maggie continued to struggle.]

Maggie: Agh, is this your plan? To strap me down so you can suck out my power again?

Madam Pyrexia: Oh, no that’s not my plan. You see I managed to get my hands on some tech from the outside world.

[The henchman brought in metallic rails to which the golden wires attached themselves to it as blue-colored static began to spark.]

Madam Pyrexia: Soon Silver Stream and Kotchya will be added to my set, and nobody in this entire planet.

[The metallic rails magnetically pulled themselves near to Pyrexia.]

Madam Pyrexia: Thanks for bringing your spirits to me, you’ve done the world a huge favor.

[She pecks at her forehead, she then grabbed onto the metal rails and both their eyes and mouths started to glow like energy. Pyrexia then began using her powers to absorb Maggie’s spiritual energy as it golden static starting shooting out of the room.]

Madam Pyrexia: Yes… [She took deep pants.] YES!!!

Maggie: No….

[Meanwhile outside Slapstrike began punching through some knights, he heard Maggie scream from outside the top window.]

Slapstrike: MAGGIE!!!!

E-10 ED Past My Shades


E-10 ED02 - Episode 17

Major EventsEdit

  • Maggies arrives in Azteca and meets with her family.
  • Pyr-O is revived, but later dies.
  • Maggie leads a revolution.
  • The E-10 team makes it to Azteca.
  • Maggie is captured.
  • Pyrexia begins absorbing her powers.



  • Madam Pyrexia
  • Sylas of Cascareau
  • WY-LN
  • Vulfen
  • Sheev


  • Pyr-O

Aliens UsedEdit


  • None


  • This episode was originally titled O' Maggie, Where Art Thou?.
  • This episode aired on the same day as Cloud's (MCBonez) birthday.
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