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Puzzle Piece: Infinity
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date June 18 2020
Written by SpookyLaundry
Directed by SpookyLaundry
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Under the Weatehr


[The scene fades into a meteor with red and yellow details in space as it is seen heading for Earth. The meteor changes to a newscast graphic. The newscast report showing the same duo from previous news reports. The image with them was that of a meteor shower falling over the background of a forest.]

Chet: “It seems that in the area tonight we will be seeing a meteor shower that hasn’t been seen in our town since 1934. This will make Vernal Park the perfect location to view it from. Making it the ultimate date night.”

Weather Girl: “You said it Chet, Vernal Park is sure to be packed with couples.”

-Opening Theme Song Starts-

[The scene comes back to Dalton who turns off the monitor. He holds his chin in a thoughtful manner as an idea forms in his head. He fixes his hair in the mirror and goes out of his dorm. On his way out, he bumps into Nathaniel.]

Dalton: “Oh hey, Kristen’s boyfriend, Nathaniel, right?”

Nathaniel: “It’s Nate. Dalton right?”

Dalton: “Yeah how did you know?”

Nate: “Kristen always talks about you because you seem to be around all the alien sightings. I think she is just crazy.”

Dalton: “That’s an understatement of the century. Why are you with her if you think that?”

Nate: “Well, we just sort of mesh together. I can’t really explain it, but it works. Besides, this alien blog thing will pass. It does give me more time to be around her though, which is awesome.”

Dalton: “I guess that’s understandable. Did you hear about the meteor shower tonight? Seems like it’s going to be a pretty popular date spot. Kristen might be interested in going, seems like her type of thing.”

Nate: “She will probably make me go anyway.”

Dalton: “Fair enough. See you around, I guess.”

Nate: “See ya, Dalton.”

[Dalton continues walking until he walks downstairs to Iris’s dorm as he knocks on the door. Felicity answers the door and groans at Dalton upon seeing him. She turns around and yells out to a lump in Iris’s bed.]

Felicity: “Iris, Dalton is here.”

[Iris jumps out of bed and rushes over to Dalton to hug him. Dalton smiles and hugs her back.]

Dalton: “Did you hear about the meteor shower tonight? I was wondering if you wanted to go?”

Iris: “You mean like a first date?”

Dalton: “Yeah, exactly.”

[Dalton blushes a deep red as Iris smiles at him and nods her head, hugging him again.]

Iris: “Of course! I can’t wait!”

[The camera zooms out the window as it comes back to the Cortex as Tetrax, Albedo, Myaxx, and Xylene are looking at a monitor showing a screen of the meteor. The meteor is colored black with red detailing and a bright yellow core. All four aliens look in horror at the screen. Myaxx is the first to break the silence as she clears her throat.]

Myaxx: “It’s him isn’t it?”

Albedo: “I am afraid it is. After all these years, the meteor is coming back to haunt us.”

Tetrax: “Not if Dalton and myself have anything to say about it.”

Albedo: “No, we need to keep Dalton away from him. If he gets to the Omnitrix, the results could be disastrous.”

Xylene: “Then what can we do?”

Albedo: “We leave it alone. Without a host it will die quickly. He doesn’t know we are on this planet so we should be fine.”

Myaxx: “We can hope.”

[The camera focuses in on the meteor as the scene changes to Dalton’s dorm as he is seen getting ready for his date with Iris. Angel is sitting at his desk playing video games as music plays in the background.]

Dalton: “She said yes, dude. I can’t believe it.”

Angel: “Cool, I don’t really care at all.”

Dalton: “Rude much?”

[As the two were conversing, there was a knock at the door. Dalton opens it expecting it to be Iris, but is instead met with a small goth girl. Dalton looks at her confused as she shyly smiles and walks in.]

Dalton: “Uhm, excuse me? Who are you?”

Lily: “Did Angel not tell you I was coming over? I’m Lily, his girlfriend.”

Dalton: “Yeah, no. First time I am ever hearing of you or even knowing you existed. Wait, Angel has a girlfriend?”

Angel: “Yeah, I just didn’t tell you because my life is not really any of your business.”

Dalton: “Okay then, I would still like to know when we are having guests over.”

[Dalton shrugs as he finishes getting ready. Lily crawls into Angel’s bed and lays there as Angel continues to play video games. Dalton leaves, closing the door. As soon as he does he can hear Lily laughing behind the door. ]

Dalton: “I swear they better not make a damn mess.”

[Dalton brushes it off and starts walking to Iris’s room. He knocks on the door and Iris answers it wearing a cute rust orange dress. Dalton blushes as he tries to get his thoughts together. Iris smiles at his awkwardness.]

Dalton: “You look amazing.”

[Iris giggles as she closes the door behind her and grabs his hand heading out of the building as the scene transitions to a little 50s themed diner where Iris and Dalton have just sat down at. There was old school rock n’ roll playing in the background.]

Iris: “Wow, a show and dinner? Dalton, you really know how to treat a girl.”

[She giggles once more as a waiter comes over to them to take their order. They look over the menus and close them up.]

Dalton: “I will get chili cheese fries and a cherry vanilla soda.”

Iris: “I will have iced tea and chicken tenders.”

[The waiter writes down their orders and walks away. Dalton looks at Iris and blushes. The waiter comes back with their orders and they start to eat. Iris giggles at Dalton who blushes like mad.]

Dalton: “What?”

Iris: “Nothing, you are just really cute.”

[They conversed with each other as they ate their food getting to know each other more. They chatted about art and high school.]

Iris: “Wait, you were a theater nerd? No way. I don’t believe it.”

[Dalton proceeds to open his phone to show her pictures from his time in high school theater.]

Dalton: “See? I was a total theater geek.”

Iris: “Okay, okay. I just would never expect you to be into theater.”

[The finished eating and Dalton paid for them. He held out his arm for Iris to take.]

Dalton: “Shall we?”

Iris(giggling): “Yes we shall.”

[Iris takes his arm as they walk out of the diner towards Vernal Park. When they arrive, they look at the park around them. Tall pine trees surround them as Dalton picks a nice little spot for them and lays out a blanket for them as they both lay on top of it. Iris lays her head on Dalton’s chest as they look out to the night sky. After an hour of waiting and embracing each other, the meteor shower starts. Meteors pass by in a great spectacle of a show. Iris looks up at Dalton who is looking at her. She smiles at him and turns as red as her hair. Dalton blushes as well and tries not to break into a nervous sweat. After a moment of silence, Iris smiles and adjusts to meet Dalton’s eye level.]

Iris: “I love you.”

Dalton: “Wow…. I… was… I was not expecting that.”

Iris: “Was that out loud? I mean, if you do (too) that’s cool, but I totally understand if you don’t.”

Dalton: “I would love to be, but I want to wait a bit before we start dating. I want to make sure I am fine. I… have some issues from something in the past that I don’t want messing us up if we get together. I hope you understand.”

Iris: "I understand, don't worry! I didn't mean to drop this on you all of a sudden, especially without asking you or anything..."

[Iris still looks sad that she ruined the moment, but soon changes as Dalton pulls her in for a hug. They rest their heads against each other’s bodies to embrace the warmth when a meteor passes in the night sky behind them. The hug is interrupted by a scream in the distance. Dalton looks over towards the scream and sighs. He sees a dark colored rock creature with a yellow core in it’s chest and red markings on it that came from one of the meteors and is now attacking civilians. Dalton panics and tries to think of a plan to transform without Iris seeing him.]

Dalton: ‘Oh fuck! Iris, run! We gotta get out of here!”

[Iris and Dalton start running away, but in the panic Dalton stops as Iris keeps going. He turns back to the incoming monster and smiles.]

Dalton: “A hero’s work is never done.”

[Dalton runs over to the creature, dialing up an alien. He lands on the massive, round guy as he slams down the core.]

{Cannonbolt Transformation: Dalton’s left arm starts to swell up along with the rest of his body. Yellow armor like shells start to form around his back side. His face lowered onto his chest as his eyes turned green. He rolls up into a ball spinning around then unrolls landing in a hero pose.}

[The green flash fades as Cannonbolt is seen ramming straight into the creature.]

Cannonbolt: “What’s the deal dude? Can’t just let people enjoy their dates? Let me guess, your girlfriend dumped you?”

[The rock creature kicked Cannonbolt away like a soccer ball and into a tree. Cannonbolt uncurls to catch his breath. He rubs his head in pain.]

Cannonbolt: “Touchy subject

[Cannonbolt rolls back into a ball heading for the creature. The creature blocks his path with a fallen tree. Cannonbolt collides into the tree breaking it as he suddenly stops.]

Cannonbolt: “I can’t even get close to him. Gotta get higher to actually get near him.”

[Cannonbolt rolls back up into a ball and heads towards the rock creature. The rock creature slammed the ground sending Cannonbolt into the air. Cannonbolt flies towards the creature’s chest. He makes a connection as he goes right into the creature making a clean hole in its chest. Upon impact, the creature crumbles as a weird sludge is left remaining all over Cannonbolt. Cannonbolt unballs to see the remains on him.]

Cannonbolt: “That was quick, but at least now I can get back to my date.”

[Cannonbolt looks down at his body noticing slime all over him. He panics and tries to get it off of himself.]

Cannonbolt: “Ewww, alien blood all over me!”

[Cannonbolt changes back into Dalton in a red flash of light. He turns and starts making his way back to Iris as the camera zooms in on his leg as a black sludge is shown crawling into his clothing. Iris sees Dalton and runs up to him hugging him then punching his arm.]

Iris: “Are you okay?”

Dalton: “Yeah, I kinda got lost in the running crowd. Are you okay?”

Iris: “Yes, I was too worried about you, so I came back to find you and I see that, that creature battle the rock monster and then…. change into you?”

[Dalton’s face acts puzzled as he starts to sweat, a shaky feeling starts to brew in his chest. Panic starts to set in as he tries to figure out an excuse to tell her.]

Dalton: “I’m not getting out of this one am I?”

Iris: “Nope. Now tell me what is going on!”

[Dalton lets out a heavy sigh as he explains the Omnitrix to her. She looks confused on some details, but chooses to believe him.]

Iris: “That’s insane. I have so many questions.”

Dalton: “I can answer them. When we get back to the dorms.”

[Iris nods as she smiles and plants a kiss on Dalton’s cheek. Dalton blushes as he touches where he was just kissed. Dalton’s mind begins to race.]

Dalton: “So worth the save.”

Iris: “There’s plenty more where that came from, hero, but you are telling me everything!”

[Iris winks as the scene fades to black with them walking back to campus. The scene fades into the Cortex ship once again with the Codon Collective watching a screen with video footage coming from the Omnitrix.]

Xylene: “So it seems Dalton was able to beat the rock creature.”

Tetrax: “That maybe so, but look, Cannonbolt is covered in the slime. It’s also present at the after battle chat with Iris. It is rising up his leg. This is going to be a long couple of months.”

Albedo: “I may have just the invention that can remove the infection right away.”

Tetrax: “Do not bother, you said so yourself. So much as one mistake and you will make the infection last longer. This is one battle that Dalton truly has to do on his own.”

[The scene fades into Dalton’s dorm room as the Omnitrix glows green. It starts blinking green and changes color to an orange-yellow with a new core symbol. Instead of an hourglass, a four-pointed star appeared. Angel rolled over and grunted angrily as he threw one of his pillows at Dalton. The pillow hits Dalton right in his face.]

Angel: “Turn your stupid watch off!”

[Dalton wakes up looking at his watch and panics at the new symbol and flashing lights. He gets up and leaves for the bathroom leaving Angel in the dark once again. Angel lets out a sigh of relief.]

Angel: “Who the hell sleeps with a watch on anyway?”

[In the bathroom, Dalton locked himself in a stall as he looked at the Omnitrix. The core had just finished changing as it leaked onto the watch strap. As it finished the transformation, it flashed red to signal it was done.]

Dalton: “Woah! It’s never done that before. Must be some kind of an upgrade?”

[Dalton activates the watch and scrolls through the aliens. He then deactivates it and comes out of the stall to the sinks. He splashes his face with some water as he looks in the mirror.]

Dalton: “Everything seems fine to me, I just need to relax, it’s no reason to panic. Guess, I will just have to ask Albedo and Myaxx about it tomorrow. Maybe they made something and forgot to tell me.’

[Dalton exits the bathroom as the scene transitions to the next day in his Psychology class with Dani. Dalton was slowly fading in and out of consciousness. As he slipped into dreamland, Dani sighed and shook him awake.]

Dani: “Wake up, Dalton.”

Dalton: “I’m awake. No need to get all upset about it.”

Dani: “Just pay attention.”

[The class ends as Dani and Dalton head to The Crescent to eat. They sit down as Dani looks at him as if she was waiting for something.]

Dalton: “What? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

Dani: “No, dumbass. Tell me how your date with Iris went last night.”

Dalton: “What? How did you know about that?”

Dani: “Felicity told me about it.”

Dalton: “Of course she did.”

[Dalton lets out a sigh and tells Dani all about last night including the fight with the rock creature and the strange event with the watch.]

Dani: “There is no freaking way that this upgrade is a coincidence. You should talk to Codon about this before something happens..”

Dalton: “I know. I was going to head there today actually.”

Dani: “Good, I will come with! You will need help convincing them not to wipe Iris’s memories.”

[The scene fades with both of them walking and comes back to Dalton hooked up to machines with Dani and Codon surrounding him. Myaxx and Albedo looked at the watch with worried faces as Xylene checked Dalton’s vitals. Dani and Tetrax chatted in the corner.]

Xylene: “So you have no idea how this happened?”

Dalton: “Nope, not at all.”

[Albedo pulls up the battle footage and zooms up on the goo on Dalton’s leg. He then looks at Dalton with an angry face.]

Albedo: “I suppose, this has nothing to do with it?”

Dalton: “I didn’t even feel that thing. What is it? Am I going to die!? What if it lays eggs in me!?”

Dani: “Jesus, you watch too many sci-fi movies. You are starting to sound like Kristen.”

Dalton: “Oh ha-ha, very funny. This is a real issue, Dani. Not one of her stupid blog posts.”

Dani: “You do know her blog posts are all about your aliens right?”

Dalton: “Oh shit they are?”

Dani: “Are you really that dumb? She literally follows them around. She told me how she found you chasing after that one spider monkey hybrid.”

Dalton: “His name is Spidermonkey. Wait, that was right after those zombie dogs attacked. That could have ended my secret identity for sure.”

Tetrax: “Let’s focus on the issue at hand.”

Dani: “Right, sorry.”

Albedo: “This issue cannot not be cured by us. It has to go away on its own.”

Dalton: “So I am stuck with this thing on me for who knows how long?!”

Albedo: “Yes, but as long as you don’t allow it to control you, then it should leave quickly.”

Dalton: “This sucks. Now I have an alien parasite living on me, rent free. Could this get any worse?”

[Dalton puts his hands to his face, causing the scene to fade to black as it transitions to Dalton who is alone in his dorm looking at his watch, deep in thought.]

Dalton: “Hey, uh… Parasite? Just wanted to say the sooner you leave the better, because I really don’t want my body being used by an alien or eggs being laid inside of me.”

[Dalton is left in silence without an answer. He sighs looking at the watch in disappointment. As he is about to slide down in bed a deep voice can be heard coming from the watch.]

Unknown: “Why not? I could give you so much power!”

[Dalton jolts up and looks at his watch in confusion. His eyes are wide in amazement.]

Dalton: “Woah! You can talk? Well, I don’t really need power. I already have the Omnitrix, so sorry uh…. What do I call you?”

Malware: “Call me Malware. I can bring you so much more than this watch on your wrist.”

Dalton: “I don’t think you understand.This watch isn’t a normal watch. It can do so much more than just tell the time.”

Malware: “Oh, I can give you so much more. Let me show you exactly what I mean.”

[Black ooze started to explode out of the Omnitrix. It started to wrap Dalton’s body as red circuit markings appeared. A yellow core appeared on his chest, as he gained red claws. His eyes turned yellow as he walked to the mirror in surprise. He looked at his face and frowned.]

Dalton: “Could we maybe do without the mask? It’s kinda hard to breathe in it.”

[Malware listens and pulls back the mask to reveal Dalton’s face and hair. Dalton smiles. His eyes glow yellow as a small black vein appears on his forehead.]

Dalton: “That’s better. This is totally rad!”

Malware: “See what I can do? I can make your life so much better, if you allow me to. So much so, that Brie will see how badly she messed up. I give you a ‘rad’ suit and you use it to be awesome to where news gets back home and back to Brie Tetch. All you have to do is give me access to your body and allow yourself to be my host. Nothing else, just a symbiotic relationship.”

Dalton: “Malware, you got yourself a deal!”

[Dalton smiles as the yellow core begins flashing. The suit forms away, back into the watch as the scene fades to black.]


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Malware makes his debut.
  • Iris finds out Dalton's secret.

Minor Events

  • Lily makes her debut.



Aliens Used


  • The diner scene is a small joke/jab at Pulp Fiction scene.


  • This released a day early for the creator's birthday as they wanted the first major plot heavy episode to be on their birthday.
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