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Upgrade Forever is the first episode of Upgrade Forever.


Ben was Upgrade in motorcycle morph.

Upgrade: You won't get away, Animo!

Upgrade crashed into a wall, the Ultimatrix symbol hitting it.

Upgrade: It feels like it jammed.

Upgrade morphed into an ice cream truck.


Animo got out his wallet and ran to Upgrade, where Gwen and Kevin posed as ice cream men/women.

Animo: One Rocky Road, please!

Kevin absorbed some ic cream.

Kevin: In a cone, on you, or in a bowl?

Animo: IN A BOWL!

Gwen: Would you like chocolate sprinkles, too?


Kevin: We're out of sprinkles... BUT NOT OUT OF ICE CREAM!

Upgrade: You fell for it!

Upgrade digital-laughed.

Kevin: Oh please.

Kevin whacked Animo in the cheek.

Animo: You're not a nice ice cream man!

Kevin KO'd Animo.

Gwen: Okay Ben, transform into Fasttrack and take him to jail.

Upgrade: Okay.

Upgrade tried to transform into Fasttrack, but it didn't work. Upgrade: I CAN'T REVERT!

Kevin: Let me see the Ultimatrix symbol.

Kevin hit the Ultimatrix with a hammer, then a mace, then a flail, then a battle ax, then a sword, and finally a knife.

Kevin: Revert.

Upgrade: I can't!

Kevin swore multiple times.

Gwen: This is a kids TV show, Kevin!

Then Vilgax appeared.

Vilgax: Blah blah Tennyson can't catch me!

Upgrade morphed into an ice cream truck.

Vilgax: I left my wallet at home! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Upgrade: Too bad!

Vilgax: W-why are y-you so unk-kind, T-tennyson!

Vilgax ran away, crying.

Gwen: What the-?

Upgrade: This is a kids TV show, Gwen!

Then Retaliator appeared.

Retaliator: Nananana, Tennyson can't catch me!

Upgrade morphed into Gen Rex Upgrade suit.

Upgrade: Hey! I can use this WITHOUT Rex!

Kevin: Cool.

Kevin absorbed some concrete.

Upgrade: Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey-

Kevin KO'd Upgrade.

Kevin: He was stuck on "repeat".

To be continued...