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Writers can add non plot episodes at will.

  1. Pilot (UN) (Skleiman)
    • UN is having a party, but there seems to be an uninvited guest.
  2. Vacation Earth (B1K3)
    • UN and the gang have a vacation at Earth, what could posibly go wrong?
  3. Upchuck Norris' Guide to Awesomeness chapter 1 - what is awesomeness (Skleiman)
    • ​The official UN guide to awesomeness now avilable for free on Ben 10 Fanfiction Wikia.
  1. Fasttrackie Chan and the Lucky Charms Cereal (Ship)
    • A crook stole FT's Lucky charms!!!! UN is here to help.
  2. Upchuck Norris vs. The Triforce of Epicness (Omi)
    • The Trioforce of Epicness attack
  1. Breakin' the Laws... of Physics (Omi)
  2. EPIK FACE Or EPIK FAIL (Skeliman)
    • Epik Face somehow survived the events of the movie and he wants revenge!
  1. Cookie Addict (Omi)
  2. The Annoying King (B1K3)
    • Upchuck Norris has to retrieve his burger from a king, but the king's castle is GIANT!
  1. Star Pranks (Omi)
  2. Way of the Monkey (B1K3)
    • Bruce Spidermonklee goes on a trip to find a mystical gem (WARNING: UPCHUCK NORRIS DOES NOT APPEAR UNTIL HALF OF THE STORY)
  3. My Hat! (Brian)
  1. Epik Face Says Sorry (Rex)
    • Epik Face is back once again! But this time he came to say sorry!?
  2. Ben and UN (Skleiman)
    • Ben meets UN.
  1. Mama of all Norrises (Rex)
  2. Dan VS. The Chesire Cat (Rex, Dan)
  3. Enemy Alliance Part 1 (Skleiman)
    • UN and Skleiman unite to try to defeat the great evil
  4. Enemy Alliance Part 2 (Skleiman)
    • They found him, but who is him anyway?
  1. Upchuck Norris' Guide to Awesomeness The Lost Chapter (Skleiman)
    • The mysteries behind the evil are revealed.
  1. Upchuck Norris'
  2. TBA
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  15. WHAT THE FUDGE JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! Part 1 (Skleiman)
  1. WHAT THE FUDGE JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! Part 2 (Skleiman)
  1. Shortest Season Finaly Ever (Skleiman)