Upchuck is a character in Omni-World.




Home planet

Peptos XI


Eating stuff, spitting it out, Godzilla-like body (The Very Hungry Upchuck only)

First appearance

The Very Hungry Upchuck


He's Upchuck, you should know him.


In The Very Hungry Upchuck, Upchuck moves in with the gang, but eats everything. When he tries to eat Brainstorm, Ditto tries to stop him. However, Ditto called Brainstorm his "friend" in the process, which makes him furious, which charged him up with electricity, which shocked Upchuck and made him collapse to the floor. However, the electricity pumps him up to a super size, and when Brainstorm tries to shock him again, a Godzilla-like monster. He rampages in the city, until a pumped-up Ultimate Cannonbolt comes to stop him, and throws him in the lake, shorting him out and making him turn back to normal. The gang gets him a new house, which he had to pay for, but he ran away. It has been confirmed that he eventually payed the gang.

He is scheduled to make a cameo in Omni-World & Sem 2.10: Connected Through Time.

In Return to Omni-World, Upchuck eats Papiro.

In I'll Stay With You, Upchuck was seen with the gang in the hospital.

His monster form will be a boss in the upcoming Omni-World video game.


Upchuck eats stuff. And with stuff I mean EVERYTHING.

Also, he gained super strength and became super huge when he was shocked in The Very Hungry Upchuck.


  • Upchuck isn't really a hero, nor a villain. He's standard.


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