Unlimited Upgrade
Unlimited Upgrade
General Information
Species Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Body Humanoid/Blob
Alternate Counterparts Upgrade

Ultimate Upgrade (BTIR)

Powers and Abilities
Abilities See article
First Appearance  ???
Unlimited Upgrade is an alien scheduled to appear in Ben 10: Inversed Roles. It evolves from Ultimate Upgrade, which evolved from Upgrade. The DNA is in both Albedo's and Ben's Unlimitrixes.


Unlimited Upgrade looks sort of like the UAF Upgrade, but with a different pattern. He has a spiked head now, and two spikes along each arm. He has turned all black, with green circuitry lines all over as well. The Unlimitrix has moved it's symbol from it's head to it's chest. and there is a circle in the place of the trix on the head, which is used as an eye.

Powers and Abilities

Unlimited Upgrade can shift his body however he wants at will to avoid or let things pass through him. He can also merge with and control technology by spreading over it. After spreading over it, he 'upgrades' the technology, and controls it as he would his own body. He can also merge with and partially control beings with technology in them, such as Rojo and Rex. Though he can control technology, he can not control all-powerful devices very easily, such as he wouldn't be able to control any kind of Omnitrix.

Unlimited Upgrade now has the option to be able to change the coding and circuitry of devices to make them do what he wants without having to absorb it, so he can fight at the same time. However, this could be dangerous, due to viruses.

Unlimited Upgrade can also survive in space.


Unlimited Upgrade is extremely vulnerable to viruses. His entire body is practically made of circuitry, and if he were to become virused, the trix user would most likely lose this Unlimited forme.

Unlimited Upgrade can be forcefully liquified and kept in a container, as even if he weren't liquified, it's extremely hard for him to get out of containers. This is do to the fact that his body is a liquid, and liquids can be kept in containers easily.


  • This alien was made by PokeRob.
  • This is the third Unlimited Alien made, the first being Unlimited NRG and the second being Unlimited Brainstorm.
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