Unlimited AmpFibian
Unlimited AmpFibian by Joe.png
General Information
Species Unlimited Amperi
Home World Unknown
Body Jellyfish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities All abilities AmpFibian has
Mind Control
Enhanced Senses
First Appearance ???

 Unlimited AmpFibian is the second evolution of AmpFibian, the first being Ultimate AmpFibian. 


Unlimited AmpFibian has the body of a Jellyfish. He has a segmented head split into two parts. The top half is pink and slightly transluscent, and also holds the brain inside of it. The lower half is a light blue that has Unlimited AmpFibian's eyes. Connected to it's chin, there are four sensory tentacles. It then has a long, stem-like body with a blue triagle in the middle. In the middle of that triangle is the Omnitrix symbol. It has four normal tentacles on it's bottom instead of arms or legs.


  • Electrokinesis
  • Electroportation
  • Electrical Absorption
  • Electrical Redirection
  • Electrical Telepathy
  • Stretchable Arms
  • Size Alteration
  • Flight
  • Speed Swimming
  • Underwater Respiration
  • Intangibility
  • Mind Control
  • Enhanced Senses


  • If he uses electricity while partially in water but not fully emerged, he will shock himself.
  • Unlimited AmpFibian is weak against enemies who can consume electricity.
  • Other people or aliens can protect themselves from Unlimited AmpFibian's mind control with something such as a tin-foil hat.
    • However, a normal leather hat or similar would not work.
  • You are able to mask your smell or such in order to hide yourself from Unlimited AmpFibian's enhanced senses.
  • His body is very frail, so heavy objects falling on him can make him faint.



He is scheduled to appear in Inversed Roles Rebooted.

Mack 10

He is scheduled to appear in Mack 10.


  • The images are all either drawn by Joe or edits of the drawing by Joe.
  • It took Rob four years after the drawing was made to finally make this page.
  • Because the two powers Unlimited AmpFibian gained are so OP, those were the only buffs he was given. They can also be easily prevented.


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