Unleashed Jury Rigg..

Unleashed Jury Rigg

This is the powerful Unleashed form of Jury Rigg he has the ability to Control Technology mentally and build it in anyway he can imagine through magnetism. Rex, through practice has managed to control his impulses to destroy and tinker, and has successfully proven to be able to control this alien's "urges".


  • Fixing at Increased Rate
  • Technopathic
  • Molybdkinesis (Control of Magnetism)
  • Technokinetic
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Intellect
  • Enhanced Speed (while fixing/breaking).
  • Breaking Machinery
  • Fixing Machinery
  • Modifying Technology


  • Unleashed Jury Rigg, suffers from an obsessive behavior, as he tends to focus on a single goal (mainly fixing or breaking) until the goal is completed, this usually tends to send him into trouble.
  • Like his name, most of the devices Unleashed Jury Rigg creates are basically on-the-fly and has his name would suggest "jury rigged". They are not normally meant to last, and usually are made for the current situation, usually meaning they will sometimes easily be broken from the slightest damage or wear out quickly. Like himself, most of Unleashed Jury Rigg's creations are highly unstable.
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