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This is Universe-7781.

Notable Heroes

Ben Tennyson

Ben Tennyson is a 17 year old boy that likes chilly fries and smoothies but he is also a one man army of alien DNA. The boy with an alter ego for every occasion.

Gwen Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson is a star student at Madison High while taking on Karate class, French class, and tennis. However, she still makes time to help out her cousin and grandfather save the universe from destruction.

Magister Max Tennyson

Max Tennyson is an average Plumber. He fixes toilets, unclogs your sink, but he is also an officer of galactic law. He is a 68 year old space cop.


Azmuth is the smartest being in three, possibly five, galaxies. He created the Omnimatrix, or Omnitrix for short, the most powerful device in the universe with 1,000,912 samples of DNA the user may turn into at will. But only 99 are accessible as of now.

Tetrax Shard

Tetrax is a former mercenary. He now fights evil across the Milky Way Galaxy.


Sugilite is the creator of all life on Petropia.

Phineas Flynn

Phineas is known by the Plumbers to be one of the smartest Humans on Earth. He and his brother Ferb spend their summers inventing fun machines.

Ferb Fletcher

Ferb is known by the Plumbers to be one of the smartest Humans on Earth. He and his brother Phineas spend their summers inventing fun machines.

Julie Yamamoto

Julie Yamamoto is the former girlfriend of Ben Tennyson and now friend.

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy is Ben Tennyson's number one fan. He was able to deduce that all the unknown alien heroes were Ben.

Notable Villains


Vilgax was just the son of the ruler of Murray, Kartax. His father was a peaceful ruler. Vilgax did not like his father because he thought he was a weak man. When Vilgax was 26 he planned on killing his father but was beaten to it by the terrorist Riaxx. Vilgax killed Riaxx and became the ruler of Murray now renamed Vilgaxia.

Kevin Levin

Kevin Levin is an 19 year old gang leader in New York City. He hates Ben Tennyson for imprisoning him in the Null Void. His powers allow him to make a suit of armor out of whatever he touches.


Albedo was a Galvan that helped build the Omnitrix. After Ben proved his worth to Azmuth and let him keep the Omnitrix, Albedo thought an idiotic human child could not use the Omnitrix the way it was intended. Albedo told Azmuth to give him the device so Azmuth fired him. So Albedo built his own Omnitrix but with an evolution feature he calls the Ultimatrix. He built this so he could be better than Ben. But when he met Ben while wearing the Ultimatrix the feedback of the Omnitrix made him look like an altered Ben.

Dr. Animo

Dr. Aloysius Animo is obsessed with the genetics of animal/alien DNA and fuses it to create minions to get Ben Tennyson's watch and all the DNA in it.


Charmcaster is a sorceress and the ruler of Ledgerdomain. She considers herself Gwen's arch-enemy.


Darkstar, or Michael Morningstar, absorbs life-force energy and has a addiction to Gwen Tennyson's mana.


Hex is a self-proclaimed "Master Magician" who desires to rule the world with his vast magic powers.


He was a Galvanic Mechamorph whose life code was incomplete. Azmuth tried to fix him but this wasn't his top priority. Malware made Albedo, still a normal Galvan, fix him. He made him better than any other Mechamorph.


Aggregor is an Osmosian conqueror that captured five aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy and fused with them to get the Map of Infinity.


Khyber the Huntsman is a intergalactic hunter that kills aliens for money and sport.

Dr. Psychobos

Dr. Psychobos is a mutant Cerebrocrustacean with a vendetta against Azmuth and the rest of the Galvan race.


Maltruant was the first Chronosapien and was created by Dr. Psychobos.


Attea is the emperor of the Incursion Empire.


Milleous is the former emperor of the Incursion Empire. He was succeeded by his daughter, Attea.

Known Groups

Ben's Team

The Plumbers

  • Magistrata Margaret Landau

Magister Ranked

  • Magister Max Tennyson
  • Magister Patelliday
  • Magister Labrid (deceased)
  • Magister Pyke
  • Magister Prior Gilhil (deceased)
  • Magister Arnux
  • Magister Hulka
  • Magister Coronach

Alpha Squad

  • Brannigan
  • Hobble
  • Molly Gunther
  • Zorian

Active Members

Plumbers' Helpers (disbanded)

  • Pierce Wheels (deceased)
  • Helen Wheels
  • Many Armstrong
  • Alan Albright (left)
  • Cooper Daniels

Members In Training

  • Kenneth Tennyson
  • Rook Shar

Former Members

  • Phil Billings
  • Magister Prior Gilhil (deceased)
  • Devin Levin (deceased) - murdered by Ragnarok
  • Constantine Jacobs
  • Driscoll (formerly, deceased) - murdered by Vilgax

Forever Knights (disbanded)

  • Sir George (deceased) - murdered by The Dagon

Enoch's Faction

  • Enoch (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica
  • Sir Dagonet (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica
  • foreverduke838 (deceased) - murdered by Andreas

Driscoll's Faction

  • Driscoll (deceased) - murdered by Vilgax
  • Forever Ninja (formerly)

Patrick's Faction

  • Patrick (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica
  • Connor (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica

Urien's Faction

  • Urien (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica
  • Unnamed Knight 1 (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica
  • Unnamed Knight 2 (deceased) - murdered by an Esoterica

Cyrus's Faction

  • Sir Cyrus (deceased) - murdered by Vilgax
  • Sir Reginald (deceased) - murdered by a Lucubra
  • Squire Winston (deceased) - murdered by Conduit Edwards

Joseph's Faction

  • Joseph Chadwick 
  • Forever Ninja
  • Sir Morton
  • Comedy
  • Tragedy

Kevin's Gang

The Faction (disbanded)

The Galactic Enforcers

The Negative Ten (disbanded)

The Circus Freaks

Eon's Servants

  • Ben Tennyson (Universe-92)
  • Ben Tennyson (Universe-6190)
  • Ben Tennyson (Universe-332)
  • Ken Tennyson (Universe-988)
  • Trenton Tennyson (Universe-1003)
  • Ben Tennyson (Universe-6114)
  • Ben Tennyson (Universe-299)


Notable Objects

  • Archamada Book of Spells: Magical Book full of thousands of Spells
  • Staff of Ages: Magical Staff
  • Alpha Rune: Piece of the Map of Infinity
  • Sentinel's Crown: Piece of the Map of Infinity
  • Piscciss's Anti-Gravity Projector: Piece of the Map of Infinity
  • Mykdl'dy's Piece: Piece of the Map of Infinity
  • Map of Infinity: Key to Anywhere in 17 Dimensions
  • Ascalon: Level 20+ Sword
  • Chrono Navigator: Time-Space GPS
  • Primus: Home of the Codon Stream
  • Hands of Armageddon: An Artifact that exists in Every Universe
  • Incursion Conquest Ray: Powerful Ray
  • Mask of Ah Puch: Key to the Sword of Ek Chuaj
  • Sword of Ek Chuaj: Powerful Sword (destroyed)
  • Mark 5 Nanoshift Enabled Exo-Armor: Powerful Weapon
  • Fleen Cake: Best Dessert in the Galaxy
  • Element X: Rare Mineral


Beginning of The Universe

The Contumelia create this universe. Sugilite is created along with Petropia.

336 B.C.

September 6: Azmuth is hatched on Galvan Prime


October 4: Albedo is hatched on Galvan Prime.


April 30: The smartest Galvan on Galvan Prime, Azmuth, starts working on the Omnimatrix.


June 13: Galapagus is hatched on Aldabra.


April 4: P'andor is born on Prypiatos.


July 16: Prypiatos becomes a radiation filled wasteland.


February 5: Vilgax is born on Murray.


June 25: The first Shotosapien is born on Endok.


June 6: Shotosapiens are put in prisons for the safety of the Korisapiens.


September 17: When Vilgax was 26 he planned on killing his father but was beaten to it by the terrorist Riaxx.

September 20: Vilgax kills Riaxx and becomes the ruler of Murray now renamed Vilgaxia.


December 16: Shotosapiens start to rebel against the Korisapiens.


February 26: The Kori-Shoto War is started.


October 7: The first Honasapien is born on Endok.


January 20: Tetrax is created on Petropia by Sugilite.


July 3: The Honasapiens fight in the Kori-Shoto War.


January 13: Vilgax hires Tetrax to steal a powerful laser.

January 18: Tetrax retrieves the laser.

January 19: Vilgax uses the laser to destroy Petropia along with everything on it. Leaving Tetrax to be the only living Petrosapien 1 in the universe.


November 9: Andreas is born on Terraexcava.


July 25: Max Tennyson is born on Earth.


November 22: Bivalvan is born on Cascareau.

November 24: Aloysius Animo is born on Earth.


April 5: Herbert Zomboni is born on Earth.


January 23: The Shotosapiens and the Honasapiens win the Kori-Shoto War.

October 5: Aggregor is born on Osmos V.


August 31: Acid Breath is born on Earth.

November 25: Thumbskull is born on Earth.


August 11: Ra'ad is hatched on Tesslos.


July 7: Frightwig is born on Earth.


July 13: Hope is born in Ledgerdomain.

December 2: Rook Blonko is born on Revonnah.


November 11: Kevin Levin is born on Earth.


December 27: Gwen Tennyson and Ben Tennyson are born on Earth.


January 10: Lucy Mann is born on Earth.

May 7: Argit is born on Aricia.


February 28: Ferb Fletcher is born on Earth.

August 3: Phineas Flynn is born on Earth.


January 20: Tiora Homi becomes the first Shotosapien ruler of Endok.


June 1: Azmuth finishes the Omnitrix and sends it to Maxwell Tennyson of Earth for safe keeping.

June 3: Phineas and Ferb build a roller coaster.

Later that same day, the Omnitrix lands in Yosemite National Park. It is found by a 10 year old Ben Tennyson who accidentally puts it on and is stuck with it for the rest of his life.

June 20: The Tennyson's meet Kevin and he joins them.

September 3: The last day of what many people consider, "The Best Summer Ever".

September 4: The first day of school for Ben and Gwen after their action packed summer.


July 18: Eon's fourth attempt to kill Ben.

November 16: Eon's third attempt to kill Ben.


January 17: Eon's second attempt to kill Ben.

March 5: Eon's first attempt to kill Ben.


October 14: Vilgax the Conqueror makes Ben Tennyson take off the Omnitrix. If he didn't he would have killed his grandfather, Max Tennyson.

October 15: Vilgax, armed with the pre recalibrated Omnitrix, planed on taking over the universe but was stopped when Ben, Max, Gwen, and the Plumbers stormed his ship and took him down. Ben chooses to not put the Omnitrix back on so he can live a normal life. Ben grows more humble over the next year.


October 13: Max disappears to look for information on how to stop an upcoming alien invasion.

October 14: After Ben wins a soccer match he goes to show Max his trophy but can't find Max at the Rust Bucket #2. He gets attacked by a DNAlien and defeats it. Ben finds a message from Max saying,

"Hello Ben, I left this recording where I knew only you would find it. I'm in a bit of a situation but it's nothing I can't handle and certainly nothing for you to worry about. There's renewed alien activity on Earth. I'm investigating. Oh and don't worry about the Omnitrix ether, I have it and it's completely safe they'll never get their hands on it. Say hello to Gwen for me. Love you. Max Out."

Ben rushes home to check the safe in his room wear he keeps the Omnitrix and finds it still in there untouched. Ben is confused on what Max was trying to tell him.

Later that day, Ben visits Gwen at her Karate practice looking for advice. They get interrupted by Magister Labrid who says that he is looking for Max after he disappeared. Ben puts the Omnitrix back on ready to find his grandpa. The three of them go on to a tip Magister Labrid has about illegal alien tech dealing to find the Forever Knights, the DNAliens, and Kevin's Gang. Labrid attempts to arrest them but they fire back. Gwen attacks some DNAliens while the Magister attacks some Forever Knights. Kevin's Gang slips away but Kevin wants his revenge. Ben tries to activate the Omnitrix but it doesn't work. It then recalibrates with a set of 10 aliens that Ben doesn't recognize. He scrolls through them all and then selects Swampfire. He fights Kevin for a while before defeating him. He attacks the Forever Knights and DNAliens to free Gwen and the Magister. Kevin wakes up in cuffs that dampen his powers. He tells them where he thinks the Forever Knights are because he wants his money back. Labrid frees him and he escapes but they got their information. The team heads to the Knight's castle to find nobody there but a giant mechanical dragon. They fight for a while and Ben destroys it as Slapback. Soon after, a dozen Forever Knights enter. Gwen blasts a laser lance out of one of the Knight's hands and damages it. He picks it up fires it and it explodes killing all of the knights and damaging Magister Labrid's suit. The Magister realizes he will die soon and tells Ben to stop the Level 5 technology from getting into the wrong hands and to uncover the alien conspiracy his grandfather is investigating. Ben isn't sure he can do it without Max but Labrid assures him that he can do anything. He dies. After that Gwen picks up the last intact laser lance to use a tracking spell to find out where it was manufactured. This leads them to a mine. Gwen takes out a DNAlien guard and Ben uses it's mask to disguise himself as a DNAlien. They sneak into the ship and destroy some weapons. That alerts the DNAliens to their location. Ben turns into Bouldercrash and fights them. After the fight a Highbreed enters and starts to attack them. Ben realizes the Highbreed is to strong and turns into Slapback to carry Gwen off the ship and become strong enough to stand a chance against the Highbreed. They fight for a while and the Highbreed wins. He says he's going to destroy everything in a five mile radius of the ship and leave. Slapback gets thrown out of the ship as it takes off. He grabs onto the side of the ship but some of his clones aren't so lucky. The ship starts to shoot out a laser that destroys whatever is below it. The laser is about to hit a Hospital put Slapback is strong enough to destroy the circuitry of the laser and stop it at the last second. The ship crashes down and so does Slapback who leaves a giant crater where he landed. He deforms to Ben with a scraped knee and is found by Gwen. Ben says that the battle isn't over and they need to uncover the alien conspiracy and find Grandpa Max. Gwen agrees and they reform their team.


August 13: Ben, as Big Chill, gives birth to 14 Necrofriggian babies

November 10: P'andor is kidnapped by Aggregor.

November 27: Bivalvan is kidnapped by Aggregor.

December 13: Andreas is kidnapped by Aggregor.

December 23: Ra'ad is kidnapped by Aggregor.


January 2: Galapagus is kidnapped by Aggregor.

April 6: Max Tennyson is contacted by Colonel Rozum to help find out who has been stealing parts of their new rocket. Max enlist the help of Ben and Gwen. The team hold a stakeout and meet Bivalvan. He fights them. He escapes. The team find his hideout and stop him from launching his rocket in a highly populated area. Bivalvan tells Ben about Aggregor. Shortly after that, Aggregor captures Bivalvan again.

April 16: Galapagus hears of Ben Tennyson and seeks out his help. After stopping Dr. Animo, the Tennyson's are told about a big turtle wrecking Bellwood. They go to stop him and find out he is looking for help. Galapagus tells them about Aggregor and the others. Ben scans Galapagus and unlocks Terraspin. The Plumbers take Galapagus on a ship to his home world but get intercepted by Aggregor.

April 18: P'andor runs into Kevin and his gang and tells him to open up his suit for a reward. Kevin agrees but then regrets it as P'andor goes rouge and not pay him. The Tennyson's see P'andor causing destruction and team up with Kevin and his gang to stop P'andor from radiating the city. Ben scans P'andor and unlocks NRG. The Plumbers take P'andor on a ship to a prison but get intercepted by Aggregor.

April 23: Argit finds Andreas and uses him to terrorize the Forever Knights for money.

April 26: Kevin finds out what Argit is doing to Andreas and tells the Tennyson's because he knows they're looking for a Talpaedan named Andreas. Kevin and the Tennyson's save Andreas from being executed by the Forever Knights. Ben scans Andreas and unlocks Armodrillo. The Forever Knights set a bomb to destroy everything within a five miles radius of a populated area. Andreas sacrifices himself. Kevin says he's done working with Argit because he betrayed Andreas and Kevin doesn't trust him anymore.

April 29: Ra'ad finds out the way Aggregor has been tracking down the other Andromeda aliens is by using the GPS of the Omnitrix. Ra'ad finds Ben to deactivate the Omnitrix. He and Ben fight, Ra'ad loses. Ben's team, along with Kevin put Ra'ad in a containment pod in Los Soledad and interrogate him. He tells them about Aggergor's tracking system. Ben trusts him and let's him out but Ra'ad betrays them. The Omnitrix tries to collect his DNA but Ra'ad doesn't let it by fusing with it. The team doesn't know where Ra'ad is and then Aggregor breaks into the building to capture him. He starts attacking and Ben only has one transformation the Omnitrix is allowing him to turn into, an Amperi. Ben turns into AmpFibian and fights Aggregor. They're losing so Gwen teleports them to Kevin's hideout. Ben finds out Ra'ad has fused with him. Kevin brings out a machine to get them separated and it works but now Aggregor knows where they are. They all fight to protect Ra'ad but he leaves. Kevin calls him a coward saying that Ben is risking his life for Ra'ad and he's just running away. Ra'ad decides to help Ben and gets captured by Aggregor. When leaving Aggregor blows up Kevin's hideout. Ben makes a promise to use the powers the Andromeda aliens gave him to stop Aggregor.

May 1: Aggregor utilizes the machine Professor Paradox created in the 50's to fuse the five aliens into him. Ben's Team and Kevin's Gang try to stop him but fail. Ben attacks Aggregor without thinking. Aggregor knocks him out and leaves. Azmuth tells both teams about the Map of Infinity and that Aggregor wants to have it so he can enter the Forge of Creation. Azmuth says it was divided by Professor Paradox into four pieces. He shows them where the first piece is and sends them on their way. Max was injured in the fight and has to stay on Galvan Prime for medical help. The teams go to the planet Mykdl'dy to stop Aggregor. They run into various traps getting taken out one at a time. Eventually it's just Kevin, Gwen, and Ben. Ben, as Four Arms, and Kevin, in his stone form, lift up the heavy door for Gwen to go in and retrieve the first piece of the Map. She fall unconscious as a result of another trap and Aggregor steps in to steal the first piece. They all barely escape with their lives.

May 3: Aggregor finds out the next piece is on Piscciss. The team go there with the help of Magister Pyke, the assigned Plumber of Piscciss. They find Aggregor but are too late to stop him as he stole the planet's Anti-Gravity Projector. The planet starts to fall apart. Aggregor leaves and Ben turns into Goop to use his projector to save the planet.

May 4: The team track down Aggregor to The Door to Anywhere. He goes through and the door closes before they can get in. They go to Charmcaster for help with the door. She agrees because they are going to Ledgerdomain which is under dictatorship by Addwaitya. She believes she can free her people. They enter and Charmcaster says that Gwen and her are more powerful there. They use this to their advantage. They meet Addwaitya who is fighting Aggregor for the Alpha Rune, the third piece of the Map. Aggregor defeats him and gains access to the third piece. He leaves and the citadel starts to collapse. Charmcaster helps get everyone out before staying in Ledgerdomain to free her people.

Later, Azmuth notifies the team that the fourth and final piece of the Map of Infinity is located in the Perplexahedron. He warns them by saying that this is their final chance to stop Aggregor before the universe is his. The team get there the same time Aggregor does. They enter and are immediately lost. They get split up and eventually find each other and meet the Sentinel. He give them his crown which turns into the last piece of the Map. He tells them to go as the Perplexahedron collapses around them. Ben asks him how he'll get out and he says he doesn't have to. The team start to leave but Ben goes back for the Sentinel. Aggregor is beating him up asking him where the piece is. Ben attacks him as Cannonbolt and gets the Sentinel back to the ship. Aggregor storms the ship and fights Kevin for the piece. Aggregor leaves with a completed Map of Infinity. The Sentinel dies in Ben's arms. When they get back to Galvan Prime Azmuth scolds Ben, Gwen, and Kevin for losing. Ben says he can get them to the Forge of Creation with a transformation. Ben says, "Omnitrix: Lockout Code 4317." The Omnitrix glows bright green as if an explosion just went off and Alien X's hologram appears. Ben jokingly says to Kevin, "Try making your car invincible to this one." and turns into Alien X. Kevin is confused and asks Gwen what this alien can do. Gwen just responds with, "Anything." Meanwhile in Alien X's head, Ben is debating with Bellicus and Serena about getting to the Forge of Creation but get interrupted by Professor Paradox who makes Ben transform back. Paradox takes the trio to the Rust Bucket #3 to fly into the Forge of Creation.

May 24: Tetrax finds out that the Omnitrix has a DNA sample of Sugilite and is off to find Ben Tennyson.

May 25: Tetrax lands on Earth to find an ill Ben Tennyson. He grabs the Omnitrix and puts in the code he got from Azmuth to unlock the Petrosapien 0 DNA. Ben turns into a Petrosapien 0 and Tetrax uses a device to turn Ben back to Human and make a living copy of the Petrosapien 0 DNA. The Sugilite copy flies off. Ben is confused and Tetrax tells him that a Petrosapien 0 can recreate Petropia along with any formerly deceased Petrosapiens. Vilgax comes to Earth to stop the copy. He doesn't want Petropia to be recreated because it will make it seem as if he failed to conquer that planet. Vilgax goes after the copy and so does the team.

Meanwhile, the Sugilite copy has recreated Petropia and prepares to bring it's people back as well, but is stopped by Vilgax. The team comes to Petropia and fight Vilgax. Vilgax kills the copy and leaves the planet. In his last moments, The Petrosapien 0 copy tells Ben that he is the only one that can bring Petropia back. The copy dies and Ben turns into his newest form that he has now dubbed, Chromastone and flies into space to recreates every Petrosapien that was killed when the planet was destroyed. Chromastone flies back down and deforms to Ben. The team is greeted by the newly reborn Sugilite. He congratulates Ben on the job he failed to do, save Petropia

November 24: Albedo is captured by the Plumbers and the Ultimatrix is but into a high security storage cell.


January 19: Milleous invades Earth and defeats Ben Tennyson and his team. He puts Ben in a pod and launches him into space. He then takes over the planet.

February 19: After Ben Tennyson returned to Earth and defeated him, Milleous was put into Plumber custody and was replaced by Attea to lead the Incursean Empire.

December 1: Present Day