Universe-61 is the universe where Inversed Roles Rebooted takes place. It is [almost] a mirror opposite of the universe canon Ben 10 takes place in, Universe-10, also known as the Realityverse.



Universe-61 revolves around and focuses on the series Inversed Roles Rebooted. It's a series where [most] heroes are villains, [most] villains are heroes, and neutrals could stay the same, become a villain, or become a hero.

Known Planets

Extraterrestrial Planets

Nothing is very important about these planets, other than the fact that some have been destroyed by Ben Tennyson.


This Earth is the only known planet so far, and it's Earth number is unknown due to not being said yet and just being called Earth in the show. It supposedly has only one moon, but there are myths that there is more. Ben Tennyson rules this Earth, and is like a tyrant, willing to do or kill anything to get his way. Albedo leads a task force to overtake Ben Tennyson with the help of friends. There are elsewhere places on this Earth unknown to most of the planet where Ben has no control. This includes the land of Ooo, which has no set ruler and is broken up into kingdoms that are largely unaware of the outside population.

Major Events

  • Earth was formed by something supposedly called the "Big Bang Theory", until debunked later.
  • Lifeforms developed on Earth as it became more suitable.
  • Dinosaurs were brought to life, only for their lives to be ended by a massive meteor that wiped them all out.
  • Thousands of years after the extinction of dinosaurs, humans became existent in the form of neanderthals.
  • The humans became more developed, and soon knew how to talk, start a fire, etc.
  • They grew smarter and stronger and started governments, having wars along the path to achieving a great land.
  • Theories were debunked such as the popular Big Bang Theory, as well as the theory of evolution that believed us humans evolved from primeates. We were infact created by Celestialsapiens.
  • Most of the work of former Earth members were abolished by Ben Tennyson, who tookover the whole Earth, destroying the government and corrupting it.
  • The Shattered was formed, a group led by Albedo to overcome Ben Tennyson and save the Earth.
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