Unity Dream
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fusion Inducement
Fission Inducement
Alien Number 19
Namesake Dream Of Unity by Bad Religion

Bad Religion 1997 Dream Of Unity

First Appearance Time 21

Unity Dream is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Unity Dream's abilities include:

  • Fusion Inducement
  • Fission Inducement

These abilities allow him to join together or split apart practically anything. From fusing a chainsaw and a crossbow to create a crossbow that fires chainsaws, to breaking down spaghetti into its basic ingredients, there really isn't much of a limit to this particular ability.


Unity Dream is a tall humanoid alien clad in silver and bronze armor. He has what appears to be large toasters mounted on his shoulders and small turbines on his arms. He has boot-like feet with high heels, and his midsection has the appearance of a large yellow star. The symbol of an unknown Omnitrix is on his torso.


The fusions and/or fissions Unity Dream creates, while technically stable, are not exactly guaranteed to produce good results.



  • The concept art for Unity Dream was initially created in Disney World.
    • To clarify, the concept art was not, in fact, created by Disney, but was drawn up by CaT while in Disney World.

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