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I am the Unitrix. I am also called Eunice. I once lived on Primus. I am not needed there anymore, so I left for Earth to see what a human life is like.

When I get to Earth by my ship, I land in a forest, which I then yawn and look for a rabit or a bird.

But what I find is something that I never could have anticipated...

  • Theme song *

{Sunder} Unitrix! I need you're help!

  • Sunder comes flying on his hoverboard and picks me up *

{Me} Let me go! What do you want?

  • Sunder flies me to the top of a mountain *

{Sunder} I need you're help, a Gimlipithocus is chasing me!

{Me} Ok, but um, what can I do?

  • Sunder looks annoyed *

{Me} Ohhhh, I got you.

{Sunder} Good.

{Me} So, where is this Gimlinpithocus?


  • A flash of lightning zooms past me and hits Sunder off the side of the mountain *

{Me} Sunder!

  • I jump on Sunder's glider and try and control it, but I failed, epicaly *

{Me} Woah! Woah! Woah!

  • I then crash the glider at the foot of the mountain *

{Me} Owwwww!

  • I then look up at what's standing in front of me *

{Me} Hi?

  • The Gimlintopithicus growls and shoots lightning at me *
  • I roll over and jump up *

{Me} Sorry for this!

  • I run behind him and touch his back, scanning his powers *

{Me} Here goes nothing!

  • As the alien tries to hit me, I blast him with a lightning bolt from my mouth *
  • I then use my super strength to knock him out *

{Me} Whew.

  • I get on Sunder's glider and fly around the foot of the mountain until I find Sunder knocked out *
  • I take him to my ship and tend to his wounds *