General Information
Species Ledgerteronian
Home World Ledgerteron
DNA source Ledgerteron
Body Humanoid Unicorn
Alternate Counterparts (none discovered so far)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Orb Projectiles
Enhanced Speed
Sharp Horn
Enhanced Durability
Equipment Medieval Armor
First Appearance Dillon Million: Omniforce.
Unitaur is the Atomnitrix's DNA sample of a Ledgerteronian from the planet Ledgerteron.


Unitaur is a humanoid unicorn with a pink and black horn and pink hair. He has a large wheel where his legs are supposed to be. He has medieval shoulder paddings and gauntlets. Unitaur has a blue and black color scheme.

The Atomnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his wheel leg, Unitaur can go very fast. 

Unitaur can shoot energy orb projectiles at his opponents, using his sharp horn.

His sharp horn can also cause great damage if he goes fast enough.

Unitaur wears Medieval armor, so he can take hits better.


Muddy terrains and sticky substances can hold him back.


Dillon Million: Omniforce.


  • Some villians make fun of Unitaur's unicorn appearance, calling him "An unaccepted fairy tale character" and etc.
  • Thanks to Darkmuttwolfer for requesting the Unitaur picture from TomE20Omnimaster from


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