General Information
Species Uniculic
Home World Moosteeq
Body Humanoid / Insect
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Unknown
First Appearance Why Am I Here?

Uniculic is an alien species of insects that have various different body parts, including wings like earthly butterflies, or stingers like Earth bees, wasps, and mosquitos. They originate from the planet Moosteeq. They are a very dangerous species, so Araschnichimps tend to vacation here throughout the year in search of their destruction. Due to the fact that Uniculics range in size from that of Nanomech's to that of a Tetramand's, the human to Tetramand sized ones are normally assigned to be Plumbers who will jail or kill any Araschnichimps who enter the planet's atmosphere.

Known Uniculics


  • Despite the issues they already have with Araschnichimps, Uniculics have a natural predator (one that is from Moosteeq).
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