Unicorn Duck
Unicorn Duck2
General Information
Species Pony Mallard
Home World Unicornland
Body Duck
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Look at 'Powers' section

Unicorn Duck is a Pony Mallard from Unicornland. He is free to use. His ultimate form is Ultimate Unicorn Duck.


  • Shooting lasers from his horn
  • Stabbing people with his horn
  • Flying
  • Good swimmer
  • Can make loud noises
  • Roygbivkinesis (contorling Rainbows)
  • Can summon rainbows
  • Happiness gives him more strength


  • He is remarkably slow
  • Sadness and anger takes away strength
  • He dies if his horn is cut off
  • He is VERY afraid of the dark
  • He is small
  • He has no fingers
  • Afraid of goats
  • Afraid of peas
  • Afraid of carrots


None yet



  • I was in my Creative Journalism class and I doodled a duck with a unicorn horn with a thought bubble that read I'm a unicorn duck on the top of my paper. Soon, he evolved into this.
  • Now, the thing I am known most for in my school is the Unicorn Duck
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