is the DNA sample of a Tech950 from the planet Uni450

Physical Description

Unicar is one of the Tech950 species, with a technical suit and unicorn resembling head. He has mini wheels made from nonconductive material on his shoulders. He has two horns made from the universe’s strongest copper. He has little spikes on his cheeks, made from the same material the two horns are made from. He has two wrist bands worn on his hands that have black skin with green lines that resemble circuitry.

Powers and Abilities

He can remove his mini wheels from his shoulder and fix them in his hands and legs; they allow him to run at the speed of a car. He can manipulate speed. His horns can rip any material to pieces. His spikes on his cheek can fire a plasma beam able to break vast materials, and are twistable. His wrist bands can morph electricity into any natural, chemical, technical and liquid substance able to bring them to his control


Fire is his main weakness, even though he can take control over it. Water is also one of his weakness, it makes him short circuit, almost like a machine.

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