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Unholy Alimony is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Divorced Nupitaloid, the resulting corruption of a split Nupitaloid Union, from the planet Matri'Monium, more specifically the isolated isle of Tulit Haedos. She is a free-to-use alien alongside her united counterpart, Wedlock, and exist within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Unholy Alimony's appearance is represented as a mutated feminine figure, that of a Nupitaloid-B, or in the case of Wedlock, the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an ordinary Nupitaloid Union, the female half nicknamed the "Bride", although with severe physical alterations, and the absence of both a dress-like outfit resembling a wedding's bride, and the ring on their left finger that Wedlock's Bride possesses. Unholy Alimony's stature is much taller and bulkier compared to the Bride, with an overall wilder, disheveled appearance, including broader facial features with protruding cheek-bones, fang-like teeth, and the corners of her mouth placed higher upwards, darker, aubergine-purple skin, rougher, jagged stripes now colored mahogany-red that run further across her neck and limbs, each now almost fully wrapping around the entire width of her neck and each segment of her limbs, with added stripes under her eyes, resembling runny mascara, the tops of her knuckles, wrists, and ankles, while also sporting longer hair somewhat held back into a scruffy, unkempt ponytail by a bright-green hair-tie, and elongated, sharpened nails, with the exception of her ring fingers instead each sporting a singular large bony talon a few inches in length.

Unholy Alimony's outfit now consists of a bright-green, black-highlighted yoga outfit, with exposed shoulders and midriff, along with green-and-black sneakers, the aforementioned hairtie, and black-tinted sunglasses that normally rest above her forehead. Her Omnitrix symbol remains in the same place as the Bride, although without the base of the wedding ring, thus leaving it slightly embedded into the flesh of her right hand's oversized ring finger.

In her rage-induced "Heartbroken" form, Unholy Alimony quadruples in size and stature, growing several lengthened variations of her ring fingers' claws from all of her fingers and toes, developing both blackened sclera and reddened irises, eyes, and hair, and sprouting curled, demonic horns, two additional arms, digitigrade legs, and a serpentine tail with a fanged maw at the tip, along with an elongated face sprouting large reptilian jaws possessing two separate rows of massive razor-sharp teeth. The striped markings across her body now glow with biological heat radiating off her as a byproduct of her transformation, and she also sheds both her hair-tie and sneakers.


Induced by the stressful, emotionally-wracking mutation that transforms a disunited Nupitaloid-B into a Divorced Nupitaloid, Unholy Alimony is extremely hostile, arrogantly-irritating, and even more so self-entitled and demanding, especially when not getting her way or getting it the way she intends, to the point her personality is bizarrely comparable to exaggerated characteristics and mannerisms of a middle-class, suburban "soccer mom" of sorts, that of an uncanny corruption of Wedlock's comparability to a married couple.

Unholy Alimony almost entirely puts herself over others, whenever it may be stemming from pent-up aggression or some flimsy attempt to act privileged and classy to impress someone, and although absolutely despising being in a situation that would most certainly leave her very busy and overburdened, Unholy Alimony will forcefully complete them no matter what, filtering her anger and frustration as some form of motivation, and refuse outside help at first, although will cave in and hesitantly accept if the situation becomes too dire for her to handle by herself. A byproduct of her mutation, Unholy Alimony is misandristic towards those of masculine gender, although will not let it intentionally show due to how much she values her personal image.

Despite her aggression, Unholy Alimony's hostility and self-entitlement stems from deep-seated philophobia induced by her genetic mutation, so much so that'll actively reject undeserved niceness and affection from others, but could eventually accept if somehow emotionally touched by it. Additionally, Unholy Alimony may naturally get along with other females, although unless they share her ideals, and thus also her self-entitled personality, and has a semi-motherly fondness for children, despite the fact they would be reasonably terrified of her.

Powers and Abilities

Unholy Alimony's primary ability is shared with Wedlock, that of vinculumkinesis, or the power to manipulate bonds, but because of her genetic mutation, has been significantly been altered, so much so that its baseline strength exceeds that of the combined efforts of a Nupitaloid Union. Her ring finger claws function as the new conduit for it, activating through simply scratching the surface of or even impaling an object, solid or not, and due to her being unable to project it long-ranged because of her lack of a ring, she can instead extend and quadruple the length of either claw to increase their reach.

While no longer being able to generate and create new bonds, such as inducing fusion or linking things together, physically or figuratively, the separative aspect of her ability has been greatly boosted in terms of physical raw power, allowing her to induce "deatomization" on the atomic bonds of anything she touches, completely and utterly dissociating and destroying them, to either create powerful nuclear explosions, or if she were to forcefully hold back its sheer destructiveness as to not cause extensive collateral damage, simply induce instantaneous disintegration, or selectively destroy parts of an object's bonds at a time, thus allowing her to "shatter" things apart. For figurative use, Unholy Alimony can fully break off a relationship between two individuals, and turn someone just as antagonistic as her, now having longer-lasting effects.

Retaining both the Bride's resistance to extreme cold and pure energy attacks, such as laser beams, Unholy Alimony has additionally developed enhanced strength and durability that exceeds that of the Groom, alongside developing immunities towards extreme heat and high-voltage electricity akin to him, but also lethal radiation and corrosive chemicals, such as acid. Her heightened power overall also reflexively severs any unwanted psionic ties influenced on her, making her immune to all psychic attacks, including even advanced telekinesis and widespread mind control.

A bizarre technique done through disintegrating certain bonds of her own DNA, Unholy Alimony can self-mutate into her demonic "Heartbroken" form upon fully unleashing her anger. In this state, Unholy Alimony enters a berserker-like state of pure animosity, able to amplify her own cardiovascular system to massively increase her stamina, and her own heartbeat to release powerful sonic pulses from her chest, completely vaporize anything she touches with her claws, spit high-pressurized streams of corrosive, incendiary saliva from either of her mouths that can be ignited into streams of corrosive flames, on and off with a mere flick of her tongue, extend and control her hair to produce constricting tendrils through comakinesis, and absorb radiation to regenerate wounds. Reversion out of this form requires extreme exhaustion or some form of very potent knock-out agent, as nothing easy can be done to coax her out of it.


Stated above, Unholy Alimony's highly-aggressive, self-entitled personality is obviously that of her worst weakness, although acts more of a headache for others to deal with while in her presence, as this doesn't necessarily put Unholy Alimony in any danger, due to her ability to handle most tough situations on her own if it were to get her into any trouble, unlike Wedlock's argumentative relationship being a distraction for the two of them.

Comparable to Wedlock, Unholy Alimony's vinculumkinesis is much stronger, arguably even more the two of them combined, but lacks both its long-ranged capabilities and power to generate any new bonds, and because of the latter limitation, also lacks full capabilities in modifying another person's personality, relationships, etc, only able to separate them from people, along with retaining only temporary effects without prolonged use like Wedlock.

Unholy Alimony's self-induced "Heartbroken" mutation is an extremely iffy wild card that requires extreme concentration and previous training to fully control, but even then, cannot be used perfectly. In this state, she loses all will to filter her disintegrating power to prevent collateral damage, will attack virtually anyone and anything that looks at her funny, may intentionally create nuclear explosions to produce radiation she needs to heal, and can burn herself out too quickly, resulting in her reverting and passing out, if she uses her cardiovascular-system-amplifying abilities too much.




Unholy Alimony is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use them in your own series.

  • Unholy Alimony is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • Unholy Alimony's name is a three-way pun on "unholy", "holy matrimony", and "alimony check", the second obviously referencing marriage, and the third meaning that of a "periodic pre-determined sum awarded to a spouse or former spouse following a separation or divorce", referencing how Unholy Alimony symbolizes divorce, and that of a corruption of Wedlock.
    • Unholy Alimony's name was originally simply "Holy Alimony", although "unholy" was added because Unholy Alimony is the furthest thing from holy, which would later inspire her alternate "Heartbroken" form.
  • The isolated isle where Divorced Nupitaloids lurk of "Tulit Haedos" is the Latin translation of "took the kids" because of... come on, you know exactly why.
  • Ben 23's nickname for Unholy Alimony would be "Ms. Killjoy" as a spot-on reference to her personality.
  • Male Divorced Nupitaloids cannot exist due to the differences of the species' males and females. If their bond was forcefully divided before the mental connection fully set in between one another, thus making them a Nupitaloid Union, both would simply move on, although the stress of not being able to find a mate would weigh on the female more than the male, eventually inducing their mutation overtime.
  • Despite technically being a mutation, the creator, WTB considers Unholy Alimony to technically be its own species compared to Wedlock, although the similarities between her and the Bride are still there.
  • Unholy Alimony originated as a joke idea to create an alien based off... that meme. The name. You know the one. I don't need to say it.
    • It evolved into becoming an extension of Wedlock's species, took way long to create a page for, and here we are.
    • She originally had the inverted bob haircut, but was scrapped since it'd be way too on the nose.