Underskin Crawlies
Neon 10 Underskin Crawlies.jpg
General Information
Species Vitamphobian
Home World Oogie Sanctus
Body Stitched-up Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Dexterity
Unhinged Jaws
Fear Immunity
Enhanced Stealth
Life Drainage Immunity
Life Detection Immunity
Enhanced Reflexes
First Appearance TBA

Underskin Crawlies is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vitamphobian from the planet Oogie Sanctus.


Underskin Crawlies looks like a humanoid young female about in her 20s, but her skin is stitched up in different colored patches ranging from quill gray to bermuda gray, all the patches ranges in size. On her mouth, there's a dark smirk and her mouth is stitched up, but she's able to open her mouth and to unhinge it at inhuman ranges due to the fact she's missing jaw muscles. She doesn't seem to have teeth nor gums. She has silver hair which is spiky and covers the right side of her face. Her eyes are green and have markings that gives appearance of compound eyes but they aren't, her pupils are dark green. She wears a black and green maid outfit which includes the dress, shoes and headdress.

She wears the Omnitrix symbol on her stomach.

Powers & Abilities

Due to her delicate and lean build she's very agile and fast.

She has great reflexes.

Despite not being an undead being, she's immune to life drainage attacks or being detected with life detection abilities.

Due to not having jaw muscles she can unhinge her jaws at inhuman levels.

She doesn't seem to feel fear.

The most unique and morbid ability she has is the fact she has millions of insects crawling under her skin, these insects burst from any parts of her body in a manner akin to horror movies and starts attacking her enemies/victims.


Due to how fragile she is, she isn't good at close quarters combat.

She and her insects are weak to fire.


  • Vitamphobian comes from "vitam" Latin for life and phobia.
  • Oogie Sanctus is Latin for Oogie Boogie, due to the similarities between them.


  • This is possibly the most messed up alien created.
  • Sometimes when the insects burst from her skin she laughs like she loves the feeling, but tears are also seen, meaning the process is very painful to her.
  • Both the planet and species name were given by Alanomaly using her Name Supplies Service, which you should clearly use if you don't have an idea for a species and planet name.
  • Sometimes parts of her body (fingers, legs, etc) move passively, it's because of the insects that crawls over the respective muscles.
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