Under High Mountains and Rainbow Low Seas is a song in The Wonderful World of Utility.

A scene from the song


Voice: Pass the left pudding and train track pens, please

Voice: Under high mountains and rainbow low seas

A clip shows Evan and Rocket running, then it zooms out and shows them running in a spinning circle. The circle turns into a cannon and blasts them out.

Voice: Sleeve to your cough and fist to your sneeze

Voice: Under high mountains and rainbow low seas

A clip shows the picture, and Rocket falls through the third platform.

Voice: 'Cause you got-ta know

Voice: That everything comes so

Voice: To this and that

Voice: From chicken fat

Evan swings across a gap to another platform on a vine, but the vine pulls out a button that makes the platform crush him.

Voice: Stop pulling that monkey

Voice: Stuff goes in the barrel

Voice: And stop throwing that bellboke past Randy Darrell

Randy Darrell caught the bellboke.

Randy: I got it!

Some upside-down football players tackled him. One of their helmets pop off and roll across the ground, then it turns into a soccer ball and a soccer player kicks it up in the air. It rips the corner, then the whole scene tears off, revealing Evan and Rocket running on a platform and dodging strange obstacles like ullpins and frilljikkagetphias.

Evan: Well this is awkward!

Voice: You gotta friend in me. You gotta friend in me!

Evan: You can't use songs from Toy Story 2. That's stealing!

Voice: Fine. I'll sing my own material.

Voice: 'Cause everybody has to know

Voice: We'll get there so

Evan and Rocket run through locations like rollercoasters, parks, trees, and others.

Voice: Cause we're going under high mountains

Light shines in a square on a tree.

Voice: And un-un-unnnnnnnn--------der low seas.

Duh-duh duh duh duh-duh duh daaaahhh!

Evan presses a button on the tree which makes a door open. Evan and Rocket both walk in, then the light rises up. Inside the tree, they both walk out, not sure what to discover.

Evan: What will we discover?

Voice: Yeah!


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