Splix 10
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date N/A
Written by Batking30
Directed by Batking30
Episode Guide
The Day Everything Changed


The episode starts with them inside the space ship.They know that they are headed for Earth, and they decided to take the disguise watches.Splix, Keith and Selu all transform into human adults.Just then the escape pod starts to heat up and burn.Selu starts freaking out and breaks the oxygen tank.Now hurdling into Earth without oxygen the three faint.When they wake up they are inside a hospital.The doctor walks in, and says, "Good you all are you".He then proceeds to ask them their names.Splix says Mick, Keith says Keith, and Selu says Selu.The doctor seems suspicious, and calls security to arrest the three.Splix thinks quick hits the Technomatrix and goes Werewolf.Then he shoots spikes out of his claws and sends the doctor into the wall.Then Selu (Un-Hummaned) gets up and roars in the doctors face.The roars is so scary that he faints.The security guards rush in, and try to tazz them, but are knocked over by Keith.Splix rips the spikes out of the doctor, and Selu puts him in the bed.They re-humanize take the tape out of the security camera, and put the guards in chairs.As they exit the hospital Splix tells Selu her cover name is Sparkle.She agrees, and they walk off to a bad part of town.There some people try to rob them, but Splix goes TechnoFreak.Then takes all the worn out TVs from the houses, and he beats up all the robbers.Then he makes the TVs HD and he reverts.Selu and Keith come up to him holding a check with $100,000 on it.They examine it more closely and see that it has no name to whom it is.They fill it out with Mick Chickson(Splix's Human Name).Once they have their money they rent an apartment, and find out that they are in Ohio.The episode ends with Keith seeing a sign for a bowling competition.

Major Events

  • Splix, Keith and Selu reach Ohio
  • They make fake names
  • Get $100,000 and rent an apartment
  • Splix's 1st transformation into Werewolf and TechnoFreak






Security Guards (x2)



Aliens Used



Splix 10
Main Characters
Splix - Keith
Recurring Characters
Ambrose - Zynon
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Season 1 Episodes
The Day Everything Changed - Undecided - Bowl - Dating For Dummies - The Quest For a Cure - One Odd Morning - Observe This - Rye Rising - The Poacher - Shipping Rescue - Explain Train - Betrayal Training
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Smallish Invasion - Ghost Stories
Plumbers and Splix 10: Fight Against Poachers - Fred 40 and Splix 10: The Null Void Breakout - Great Legend War
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