Home planet of the Umbravian, in the Ghraff galaxy.

Umbriania is the home planet of Alex Dax and her people the Umvrians . It resides in the Ghraff galaxy. The solar system's sun is green, causing the plants on Umbriania to be odd colors.

Life Forms

  • Umvrians

    Ben's Umvrian Transformation

  • Other

The life froms of Umbriania have adapted ot hte harsh environment they live in, and have become immune to these.

Plant Life

The plant life on Umbriania is oddly colored due to the green sun. The grass, weed, and flora are all red. The trees and shrubs are white wooded and purple leaved. Many of the plants are poisonous to most species, however, the Umbravians have grown immune to the toxins.

Any land life is hunted, most of the population of the land are predators.

Sea Life

The planet also has liquid. It's not technically water, but it is close. The water, tainted by the red soil, is also a tone of redish salmon. The rain also being red.

There are 'fish' in the waters, but they are dangerous.


Umbriania has two moons.


Urvara is the largest moon. It's colored green because of the dense gasses that make up it's atmosphere. On the surface it's a harsh windy desert with greenish yellow sands. The moon is usually used for endurance training and as punishment for betraying the people. It's a great dishonor to be marooned there.


Sualuo is the smallest moon. It's blue because the entire planet is made from dark colored crystal life. The moon is used for mineing the crystals for wear and decoration, much like any precious stones. At night, it glistens much brighter than it's larger twin.

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