General Information
Species Daronite
Home World Trizetra
Body Spiked Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Umbra
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadow Control
First Appearance Welcome to The Void

Umbra is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.

You may be looking for the original Umbra from the first Tech 10 continuity.


Umbra's abilities include:

  • Shadow Control
  • Shadow Merging
  • Invisibility

He also has the ability to combine with other members of his species to get a major boost in power. This effect can be replicated using the SpecTrix.


Umbra is a slender black and purple humanoid, with multiple spikes jutting out of his body. His head has four spikes coming out of the back, and has a single large spike on the left side of his 'armor'.


Umbra's life energy is drained by light, and prolonged exposure to bright light will eventually cause death.

Planet and Species Information

Umbra is a Daronite from Trizentra. Trizentra is a planet constantly stuck in a state of rest; because of this, one side always faces towards the sun, and one faces away from the sun.

The Daronites live on the side of the planet facing away from the sun, as light drains their life energy. It is theorised that before the planet stopped spinning, the Daronites and the Litonares were once the same species, but once it stopped, the species split into two to fit the new enviroments.

The Daronite's relation with the Litonares has always been very shaky, as both sides believe that their element should reign supreme over Trizetra; howver, because of the planet's position, this is rendered impossible. A few Daronites and Litonares have tried combining to form a new being that can survive both climates. These attempts tend not to last long, as those who have tried end up in a catatonic state, mumbling jibberish about something called 'The Void'.


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