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The Ultrix is the custom Matrix created by Alix and Devor to help Alix fight.  It retired the Holo-Head Selection of the Omnitrix and replaced it with a new holographic feature simalar to the Ultimatrix's selection device.  Double tapping on the face of the watch projects an image of an alien standing on the matrix/plumber symbol moving your finger arround the symbol changes the alien.  slam down the hologram to transform.  While it's not activated, the Ultrix looks like a regular Blue digital watch.  It even tells time!


The Ultrix contains 10 regular aliens

  • XLR8
  • Eatle
  • Gravatack
  • Arctiguana
  • Way Big
  • 4-Arms
  • Heatblaat
  • Astrodactyl
  • Diamondhead

Glitch Aliens[]

The Ultrix sometimes transformes Alix into the wrong alien.  Not only that, but random aliens can appear in the selection list for a period of time.  These are known as the Glitch Aliens.  While some of them seem mild and not that dangerous, when Alix needs a cirtain ULTRA form, it can be difficult.

  • Humongusaur (The most common, almost always transforms when Way Big is selected)
  • Fasttrack (sometimes replaces XLR8)
  • Big Chill (sometimes replaces Arctiguana)
  • Rath (randomly appears in list, sometimes transforms when not selected)
  • Upgrade (randomly appears in list)
  • Upchuck (sometimes replaces Eatle)
  • Goop (randomly gets transformed into)

Ultra Form[]

Ultra form is the signature effect of the Ultrix.  Its evolution process is simalar to Ultimate form, but instead of finding strengths and  increasing them, it finds weaknesses and elimates them.  Sadly, it is unstable and too much use of an ultra form can cause Alix to lose control of its power and go on a rampage.

Other Abilities[]

The Ultrix has many extra features.  The currently known and useable ones are

  • Tracking Device/Distress Beacon
  • Communication Device
  • Power Source can be used to kick-start many Technology
  • Can restore entire planets using DNA samples from its database