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It is the evolved form of ultimatrix or is the unlimited omnitrix. It was evloved when the full power of the omnitrix was unleashed during the Evolution of power parts 1 & 2. It has universe's evey aliens, and several dimenions exsits inside it.


  • Ultimate and Unlimted forms
  • Unverses all aliens
  • DNA changing/editing/modifying/copying/downloading/crapturing
  • New Spicies Making,cloning
  • Time travelling
  • Daimentional Gate opening
  • Laser beam, inbuild misiles, telporter beam, timetransfer ray, Shiled
  • Transformations: Humanoid, Dagroniod, Spider, Spaceship, Ray-Gun


  • Time travel mode:Allows to travel in time
  • Beyblade Mode:Main Dail spins out like a top with aliens coming out from the top
  • Weapon Mode:Shots disks, Laser and Misiles
  • Sword Mode: Transforms into a Laser Sowrd
  • Zomnitrix mode: Transforms Humanoid Alien Life form