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Users: Samuel Nakaoka the Second
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Type: Remained Ultimatrix
Creator: King Julien
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Ultramizer was the successor of Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/Ultimizer after it sacrificed. It was created by King Julien when he see the remained Ultimatrix.


After Ultimizer is sacrificed, King Julien rebuilt the Ultimatrix and newly Omnitrix. This Ultramizer has the 10 new DNA sample of aliens.

New Features[]

  • Super Ultimate Evolution Mode
  • Potis Omnitrix (Using upgrade for Ultramizer)

Potis Omnitrix[]

It was built by Samuel Nakaoka in years ago after Lost Galaxy. He put her Ultramizer and upgrade it and Azmuth revealed Potis Omnitrix is the enchanted version of Ultramizer so, he can evolved twice called Superwarp Ultimate Mode. With the Potis Omnitrix, it can scans more than aliens. After upgraded, it can evolve the new Superwarp Ultimate Mode with using created aliens required to evolve Ultimate Mode. After true enemy Time Warper is defeated and turned back into Genderswap Form, the Potis Omnitrix is eventually crippled to dust. However, when Azmuth said, he has still remained of Potis Omnitrix's head plate. He now enabled to transformed into eleven and last alien called Potis.

List of the aliens[]

  1. GoJyuSaur
  2. Hurrican
  3. Rapider
  4. Growll
  5. Blizzar
  6. C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R.
  7. Zed-Gira
  8. Leosar
  9. Rat-Trap
  10. Skullflare
  11. Potis

Super Ultimate Forms[]

It was new feature can evolve even further as called Super Ultimate. Before the second evolution, he can say "Second Ultimate, Activate!" replaced from "It time for...Ultimate (alien)!". As Humongosaur, Swampfire, Cannonbolt and Spidermonkey and say "Second Ultimate, Activate!". As Rath and Wildmutt and say "Secondary Ultimate, Activate!". As Echo Echo, and say "Second Ultimate initiated!".

  • Super Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Super Ultimate Wildmutt
  • Super Ultimate Humongousaur
  • Super Ultimate Cannonbolt
  • Super Ultimate Rath
  • Super Ultimate Swampfire
  • Super Ultimate Echo Echo