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Genetically altered gorilla



Ultra-Humanite is a genetically altered gorilla created by Dr. Animo. Besides the alternations happened on Sirius B, his home-planet is Earth, since Humanite was originally a simple gorilla. He was sent by Dr. Animo to be his candidate to hunt on Ben during the Hunting Season Part I and Hunting Season Part II. His defeat makes Animo to proceed his plans for Operation NN10. What does plans are, will be revealed in the Season II Finale.


Ultra-Humanite looks like an albino gorilla with an anlarged brain and humanlike facial features, like a beard. He wears a red gladiator suit similar to Four Arms.

Ultra-Humanite is a well-mannered villain who's only reason to kill Ben was, because his master asked him. He also shows him very courageous as he denies to tell Ben anything while being threated with death. He speaks with a scottish-accent.


Dr. Animo wanted to create his a new right hand man to replace Andrios Hi, since he no longer trust the latter. The reason for this is simple, all they others are created by himself, and are loyal to him. He stole a gorilla from a unknown zoo. When he attempts to increase the intellect of the creature, his brain grows incredibly and he called Animo: father. Animo was pleased. As side-effect, Ultra-Humanite became an albino as his fur became white and his eyes coloured red.

and abilities[]

He is a very intellegent creature with an IQ of nearly 200. He has also his natural strenght and is very talented in using guns. His hunting techniques are refined and effective. He also seems to study his target very well, before going to hunt. Unlike other primates, he's able to speak fluilty.


He has the same physical weaknesses as every other gorilla.


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