The Ultimatrix is a device created by Azmuth, owned by Van, and once used by Ben Tennyson in an alternate timeline.


On an alternate apocolyptic Earth, this Ultimatrix was one of multiple used by Ben Tennyson. After arriving in an alternate timeline by unknown means, the Ultimatrix was found by Van who used it to escape the enemy. After several events and battles, including meeting the native Ben 10 of that timeline, Van was returned to his own timeline with the Ultimatrix still in his possession.

Later, it was used as a basis for creating Van's new Omnitrix.


Unlike the Ultimatrix used by the mainstream Ben Tennyson, Van's Ultimatix is identical in appearance to the recalibrated Omnitrix, similar to the mainstream Ben 10,000. It also still maintains its green color scheme.


Van's Ultimatrix possesses all of the features of the mainstream Ultimatrix, including the evolutionary functions. However, Due to its lack of a link with the mainstream Primus, it lost all its transformations.

It was also stated that its evolutionary function was usntable and prolonged use could cause harm to the user, which is why it was not included in Van's Omnitrix.

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