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The current Ultimatrix




Albedo (Formerly)
Ben Tennyson (Formerly)
Tech (Current)


Level 20 DNA Alterer

The Ultimatrix is the successor to the original Omnitrix. This version of the Ultimatrix is primarily featured in Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed and Tech 10: Combalien Evolution, with brief appearances in Tech 10: Rebooted.


The Ultimatrix was originally built by Albedo to replace his own Omnitrix. It eventually fell into the hands of Ben after the original Omnitrix was destroyed, and was wielded by him through the entirety of Ultimate Alien. In the UA series finale, Azmuth gave Ben a new Omnitrix and took the Ultimatrix, as he had previously deemed it irresponsible and unstable.

Through as-of-yet unknown means, the Ultimatrix eventually fell back to Earth somehow, ending up in the possession of Tech, though it had apparently been completely reset.


The Ultimatrix retains its UA appearance for the most part, with the exception of its green tubes turning gray and the silver rim of the dial turning black. It is currently unknown how or why this change in appearance occurred.


The Ultimatrix seems to have lost many of its functions somehow, only retaining these:

  • The Ultimatrix functions as a wireless receiver for the Codon Stream.
  • The Ultimatrix can add extras to alien forms in order to make the forms more safe/stable.
  • The Ultimatrix automatically reverts the user back into their normal form when they get sufficiently hurt or knocked out.

How the other functions were lost remains unknown.


The aliens previously unlocked in the Ultimatrix have become unavailable for unknown reasons. New aliens are being unlocked on a regular basis, though the exact trigger for the unlocks to occur is currently unknown. The currently available aliens include:


  • This version of the Ultimatrix is informally referred to as the 'Drained Ultimatrix' outside of canon.
  • This is the only canonical Omnitrix used by a main character in the Tech 10 franchise.