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DoB10 Ultimate ben 10.png
Ben Tennyson wielding the Ultimatrix
Creator Azmuth
User(s) Ben Tennyson (formerly)
Albedo (formerly)
Ultimate Ben 10 (alternate)
Ultimate Ben 10'000 (alternate)
Type DNA Alterer
Universal Translator
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Preceded by Prototype Omnitrix
Compatible with Codon Stream
Succeeded by Omnitrix

The Ultimatrix is a machine in Earth-1010 that was created by Azmuth. It is the successor of the Prototype Omnitrix and is the predecessor to the Omnitrix and Albedo's Recreated Ultimatrix.


The Ultimatrix takes the appearance of a green gauntlet with the Omnitrix emblem on the top.

User Interface

The Ultimatrix's UI displays a single green full-body hologram of the currently selected alien. This hologram disappears when the user has made their choice and prepares to slam the dial.

The Ultimatrix has a non-sentient AI that can give auditory feedback in greater detail than the visual UI allows for.


The Ultimatrix was originally created by Azmuth as the successor to the Prototype Omnitrix before production on the final Omnitrix began. This project was abandoned, however, and later stolen by Albedo who then finished production. Utilising the enhanced core, Albedo developed and added the evolution feature to the Ultimatrix.

Ben Tennyson was given the Ultimatrix by Albedo to help defeat Vilgax. After finally defeating Vilgax later, he gave up the Ultimatrix and in return received the Omnitrix.

In Ultimate Ben 10's timeline, he never gave up the Ultimatrix and Azmuth instead fused it with the technology in the new Omnitrix.


The Ultimatrix is a Level 20 DNA Altering device. It allows the wearer to transform into upwards of 1,000,911 different alien forms.

A function unique to the Ultimatrix is the ability to evolve aliens into Ultimate Aliens. This function is activated by pressing the Ultimatrix dial while transformed (with the exception of Ultimate Ben) which causes four grey spikes to protrude from the dial. Aliens evolved in this manor are usually combat-oriented. Ultimate Aliens gain new powers and are all-around stronger than their previous forms.

The Ultimatrix has a Universal Translator built into it. However this translator is not completely comprehensive as it does not translate Vulpin or Sotoraggian.


Note: This list contains only the modes demonstrated in Earth-1010 series. It is not a complete list of modes that the Ultimatrix has access to.

Active Mode is the Ultimatrix's default mode - the Ultimatrix can be used and nothing is wrong.

Recharge Mode activates automatically whenever the Ultimatrix runs low on power. It deactivates automatically when the Ultimatrix has fully recharged.

This mode activates automatically if the user is sufficiently damaged while transformed.

Although not technically a new mode, this transformation is unique enough to require its own explanation.

Ultimate Ben is accessed by activating the evolution function prior to the transformation. Doing this allows access to Aspect Transformations.

This form is used frequently by Ultimate Ben 10'000. Ultimate Ben 10 is aware of this form's existence, having met his future self before, but does not know how to access the form and currently has no interest in learning.


Alien Species Notes
Atomix Unknown Future Only
AmpFibian Amperi DNA added by scanning Ra'ad
Big Chill Necrofriggian
Bloxx Segmentasapien Future Only
Chromastone Crystalsapien
Clockwork Chronosapien
Ditto Splixson
Echo Echo Sonorosian
Fasttrack Citrakayah
Geothermite Vesuviusapien Future Only
Ghostfreak Ectonurite
Gravattack Galilean Future Only
Gutrot Unknown
Humungousaur Vaxasaurian
Jetray Aerophibian
MindMatter Sentient Chemicoal Future Only
Spidermonkey Arachnichimp
Stinkfly Lepidopterran
Upgrade Galvanic Mechamorph
Wildvine Florauna

Ultimate Aliens

Ultimate Alien Species Unevolved Form
Ultimate Ben Evolved Human Ben Tennyson
Ultimate Big Chill Evolved Necrofriggian Big Chill
Ultimate Clockwork Evolved Chronosapien Clockwork
Ultimate Echo Echo Evolved Sonorosian Echo Echo
Ultimate Fasttrack Evolved Citrakayah Fasttrack
Ultimate Gravattack Evolved Galilean Gravattack
Ultimate Humungousaur Evolved Vaxasaurian Humungousaur
Ultimate Spidermonkey Evolved Arachnichimp Spidermonkey
Ultimate Upgrade Evolved Galvanic Mechamorph Upgrade

Known Aspect Transformations

Ultimate Alien Species
Atomix Unknown
Bloxx Segmentasapien
Echo Echo Sonorosian
Jetray Aerophibian
Geothermite Vesuviusapien
Ghostfreak Ectonurite
Gutrot Unknown
MindMatter Sentient Chemicoal
Stinkfly Lepidopterran

Ultimate Aliens

Ultimate Alien Species Unevolved Form
Ultimate Big Chill Evolved Necrofriggian Big Chill
Ultimate Clockwork Evolved Chronosapien Clockwork
Ultimate Echo Echo Evolved Sonorosian Echo Echo
Ultimate Gravattack Evolved Galilean Gravattack
Ultimate Humungousaur Evolved Vaxasaurian Humungousaur


Death of Ben 10

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