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Ultamtrix, Recalibrate! is the first episode in Ben 10: Omnifinity in which, Ben finds the Omnifinity.


Kevin’s car rumbled across the road.

“It should be somewhere around here,” Kevin said to himself.

A scanner beeped, showing that some sort of alien technology was around. Kevin pulled over and stopped the car.

“I don’t get it! It should be right here!” Kevin shouted.

Ben got out of the car, “Maybe it’s invisible like Ghostfreak or Big Chill.”

“Yeah maybe, genius,” Kevin said sarcastically.

Gwen got out of the car, “Maybe it’s up there.”

Gwen pointed up at a billboard advertizing Bill’s Burgers. There seemed to be a faint green glow coming from it.

H and burger

Ben smiled and hit the Ultimatrix, “Harlequin!”

Harlequin jumped off the ground and landed on the billboard. Harlequin gasped- a watch. A bright light shot out from the watch and hit Harlequin where the Omnitrix symbol was. Harlequin turned back into Ben.

“Omnitrix detected. Omnifinity host found,” The watch blared.

The Ultimatrix and the watch turned yellow. Then, they flew together and the watch latched onto the outside of the Ultimatrix.

“Recalibrating Omnitrix,” The watch blared.

The Ultimatrix/strange watch started glowing green. When the light faded, Ben found a new Omnitrix on his wrist.

“Omnifinity activated.”


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