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Ultimate Xenomorph
Ultimate Xenomorph
General Information
Species Evolved Xenomorph
Home World W35B85
Body Raptor
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Superstrenght
First Appearance Movie Madness

Ultimate Xenomorph is an evolved Xenomorph from Ben 10: Alien Alliance. Since Xenomorph was a fictive alien in the series, Ultimate Xenomorph is a unique creature. He was used to defeat the Extraterrestrial in Movie Madness.

Physicial Appearance[]

He's twice the seize of Xenomorph. He still has a coccoon like head but unlike Xenomorph, he has a series of 4 tendrils on each seize of his head. He also has 4 externe mandibles on the corners of his mouth. He still lacks eyes. His strangely shaped shoulders are extended and he also have claw like shoulderpads. His claws are much bigger know and even deadlier. His legs are still strong and he had the same claw pattern of his shoulderpads on his knees. His tail is now triple the seize than before. The blue and grey-purple parts of his skin are gone, and replaced by yellow and beige. He is also lighter grey than before.

Powers and abilities[]

He is now much stronger than before. He can regenerate and talk, something he couldn't before. His claws are stronger and he's no longer afraid of fire. He is also much faster and more cunning. This implies that he's smarter than before.


He is easier to spot and he's less agile with his new seize. His attacks are more brutal and potential fatal, something Ben tries to prevent as much as possible.


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