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Ultimate XLR8 is the ultimate form of XLR8, he is an alien in the Multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


He is much taller then his devolved form and his blue parts are now green.His visor is now AI (artificial intelligence),his chest is green and the omnimatrix symbol is on his chest.He has two green stripes on each arm near the shoulders,his fingers are now green and he has four instead of three.He has black elbow spikes and is more muscular then his devolved form,the lines on his face are green also.The helmet that he wears is still black but is a little longer,he has two green stripes on the sides of his chest.His tail is longer and he has two green lighting bolt-stripes coming down from his shoulders to his chest.Like Jetray he has horns extending from his mouth but there inside his helmet and green.Like fourarms he has a line starting from his head going to his neck,but his is green and a little smaller.He is 15 feet in length and has a toe where a velociraptor has one.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Supreme ultra mega speed (fastest alien ever)
  • Supreme reflexes
  • Can deliver speed enhanced attacks with ease
  • Can shoot energy out of every green part on him
  • Strong tail
  • Claws that can cut through almost anything
  • Can create a sonic boom
  • Can kick rapidly kick enemies
  • Can run in a circle to attack enemies
  • Can stop time
  • Dash forward through enemies
  • Can create a sheild made of energy
  • Can make an after-image
  • Can stick to walls
  • Enhanced strength
  • AI visor
  • Can shoot lasers from visor and hands
  • Supreme agility
  • Supreme durability
  • Can run on all terrain
  • Can combine lasers from eyes and visor to shoot a powerful blast
  • Can jump many miles
  • Can survive in space
  • Sharp claws
  • Enhanced intellect
  • Rapid healing factor
  • Armoured exoskeleton
  • Can fly by shooting laser out of his hands and wheels
  • Can create tornados and hurricanes


Echo echo's sonic blast appear to weaken him like it does to diamondhead.Water also seems to short him out because his armour appears to run on energy now.

Home planet[]

Earth (Dante Meyers)

Known evolved kinecelerans[]

Dante Meyers


Evolved Kineceleran


He will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse,and whoever else wants to use him but you have to give me full credit.


  • He is similar to iron man as they both have armour,and fly in the same way.
  • He is an alien in the multimatrix.
  • He is taller and more muscular then his devolved form.
  • He has the small lighting-bolt stripes as Jetray.