Ultimate Wildvine
Ultimate Wildvine.png
General Information
Species Florauna
Home World Flors Verdance
Body Humanoid Plant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Laser-Eyes
Limb Shifting
Super Breath
Wildvine's Powers

Ultimate Wildvine is an evolved Florauna from the planet Flors Verdance. He is the evolved form of Wildvine. Anyone can use him for their series. Made by Redo.


His colors are inverted. He now has navy blue back-grenades and shoulder bubbles and waste spikes. His vines have been replaced with Swampfire feet with white spikes on the knees. He now has a spike on each of his shoulders. His right hand has been replaced blade and his left with a Georock hand. Other than that he is normal Wildvine.


He has all of the powers of Wildvine, but, now, he has eyes that shoot huge lasers out of his fat eye. His spikes all over him can make it hard to do specific things, so now he can shift his limbs and any other part of his body and adapt to put his spikes away. He can shift into anything! This includes changing his colors or even going camouflage mode! He also has super breath so he can blow baddies away. His super breath can reach a speed of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) miles per hour! His wind breath can also come out where ever he wants it to. (XD) Because of this, he can project it from his legs and fly.


If he is exposed to fire, he will dehydrate and pass out. If he is in the state for too long, he will die. If he eats lettuce, he will die from shame. (XD again.) If he gets in contact with weed killer, he will be weaken until he dies unless somebody treats him.


Ben 10: The Final Fight


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