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Ultimate Wildmutt
Ultimate WildMutt
General Information
Species Evolved Vulpimancer
Home World Vulpin
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength
Super Durability
Super Agility
Super Hearing
Super Smelling
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Sharp Tail
First Appearance The Good, The Bad, & The Bloody.

Ultimate WildMutt is the evolved form of WildMutt


Ultimate Wildmutt is significantly larger and more muscular than WildMutt. His fur is brown-red color. The creature has four huge black spikes running down its back that overlap. These spikes start out as a shark-like fin at the head and rising almost into an arc over the back, tapering near the rump. He also has a long tail whose tip has a horn resembling a scorpion sting. Its lips are black. Ultimate Wildmutt wears the Alpha-Omegatrix symbol on his chest.


Ultimate Wildmutt has Wildmutt's super smelling and he is stronger than Wildmutt.

Unlike Wildmutt, he has the ability to speak in a language universal translators can understand.


He cannot stand multiple projectiles at once, as seen in The Good, The Bad, & The Bloody where Ultimate Matt was shooting lasers, wind and heat rays all at once.


  • The Good, The Bad, & The Bloody
  • The Dominatrix (2x)


  • He is similar in color to WildMutt in the original series of Ben 10, only darker in color.

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