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He can own upchuck Norris easily


Ultimate water hazard body,arms,legs,and the bottom of his hands are dark blue.His shoulders,hands,head and feet are red.He has the same black spots and the spikes on his foot,back of his foot,and his arms are longer.He has spikes on his chest,next to his shoulders,and back.He is taller and more muscular then Waterhazard.


He has all of the powers water hazard has plus flying,he can fly by pushing water out of his feet.He can create a mini tornado to Swim faster and fly faster,he also has more strength,speed and durability.He can shoot water from his mouth and turn fire,lava,and heat into water and/or ice.Like big chill he can now breath ice but His is more faster about the same speed as ultimate big chill.He can also turn invisible like big chill,he can survive is space and take water from air,and other things containing water.He also has weather control.


Being a water based alien fire can weaken him,even though he can take it and turn it into water.


Like I always say he will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse and whoever wants him,and anyone else who wants. Him but u have to give me full credit.