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Ultimate Water Hazard is the evolved form of Water Hazard.

Ultimate Water Hazard JSX.png

General Information
Species Evolved Orishan
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid Crustacean
Devolved Form Water Hazard
Powers and abilities

Port Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability


Ultimate Water Hazard's upper body looks exactly like Water Hazard's. The only difference is that Water Hazard's visor is permanetely down over his face, with four eye holes. He also has crab pincers for hands. His lower body resembles Brainstorm, having four crab legs.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Water Hazard's main abillity is hydrokinesis, though his body has no ports to fire them from. Instead, he can manipulate his body and create ports anywhere on his body, allowing him to launch water from anywhere from his body. He can use the water to propel himself forward, to open a hole to catch attacks, and fire streams of water to attack. He has enhanced strength and durability.


John Smith 10: Phantom Watch

Ancient Times


  • Ultimate Water Hazard's ability to open his stomach to allow attacks to go into it is similar to what King did in Queen and King.

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