Ultimate Walkatrout
Ultimate Walkatrout.png
General Information
Species: Evolved Ickthyperambuloid
Home World: N/A
DNA Source: Walkatrout
Body: Chad Humanoid Trout
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Omniwalking
Irresistible Sex Appeal
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Ultimate Walkatrout is the evolved form of Walkatrout.

This version of Ultimate Walkatrout was created by CaT and is free for anyone to use.


Ultimate Walkatrout can now walk anywhere, unhindered by the laws of reality.

He can walk through your dreams, through your mind itself, through the fabric of space and through the barrier dividing fantasy and reality.

He is The Omniwalker.

These abilities are linked to how Ultimate Walkatrout is walking. When powerwalking at full speed, Ultimate Walkatrout becomes an invincible god that cannot be halted by mortal men.


Ultimate Walkatrout's powers are only available to him while walking, so moving too fast and accidentally running could unexpectedly depower him in the middle of something important.


Ultimate Walkatrout's evolution simulation has no special conditions, as this is simply Walkatrout's natural path of evolution.


If Ultimate Walkatrout appears in your series, please note his appearances here:


  • Ultimate Walkatrout's design is based on the Lahontan cutthroat trout, while his rainbow aura is naturally a reference to rainbow trout.
  • This is the first time anyone has ever bothered to create an Ultimate Walkatrout page of any type on this wiki lmao.

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