This is Vilgax's ultimate mode an Ultimate Chimera Sui Generis.

Ultimate Vilgax (Borg10)

Thanks to the combination of 13/15 of Ben Tennyson's aliens. He stole the alien DNA's with a DNA absorbtion glove. He adds Ghostfreak and Way Big's DNA making him become even stronger thanks to Dr. Madness!

Combined alien DNA's

-Humongousaur (Ultimate Humungousaur)


-XLR8 (Ultimate XLR8 ( 10/BTUE))


-Rath (Ultimate Rath (Borg 10))

-Armodrillo (Ultimate Armodrillo (Borg 10))

-Jetray (Ultimate Jetray (Borg10))


-Cannonbolt (Ultimate Cannonbolt)

- Echo Echo (Ultimate Echo Echo)


-Eye Guy


Thanks to Dr. Madness

-Ghostfreak (Ultimate Ghostfreak (Borg 10))

Ultimate vilgax

-Way Big (Ultimate Way Big)


Super speed, super strength, shoots energy laser beams from his eyes, can generate and stop earthquakes, can shoot bombs from his left hand can shoot electricity from every part of its body, has a whip in his left hand. Can absorb any energy laser beam from any part of its body and shoot it back even stronger. Unaffected by magic and mana attacks.

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