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Ultimate Upgrade is the ultimate form of Upgrade. He is an evolved Galvanic Mechamorph. He is also an alien within the Alphatrix.


He now has sort of an armory look with spikes and a green skin where white originaly was, with green lines crossing it that resemble circuitry. A green circle on his head represents his eye.

He has a sort of green clothing on his front torso wich has lines on the front of it, and he bares the Alphatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Upgrade has the ability to reshape himself, as he can turn to some sort of mechanical solid at will.
  • Upgrade's internal nanotechnology allows for Upgrade's primary ability to merge with and 'possess' any technology within reach by spreading over it like solid, enhancing it far beyond its original design. The size of the device is inconsequential.
  • While merged with a device, Upgrade controls it as he would his own body.
  • Upgrade can fire a plasma beam from his eye.
  • Upgrade is capable of forming simple constructs from plasma, such as spikes and also partially posses a machine to enhance his lasers.
  • Upgrade can phase through metal and technology.
  • Upgrade can reform after being blasted, as shown in Midnight Madness after being shot by police and was shown to be able to gently float in air similar to a parachute in Secrets.
  • He can also completely absorb something after fusing with it, and store it in his memory banks and use it again whenever he chooses to at will.
  • He can also transform into something by laying out the designs in his head and putting it together, and his intelligence now is just as high as a top ranking Galvan(Not even close to Azmuth though).
    • He can also clone technology just by seeing it and scanning it, without even fusing with it.


Upgrade is weak against electricity (being living metal).

Also, being made of metal, Upgrade's body can be affected by magnetic fields.